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Mortgage Loan Questions

What is a mortgage loan?

A mortgage loan is a type of loan that is secured by real property that is generally used though a mortgage note. This shows that there is an existence of the loan. Most home buyers and builders can get a mortgage loan for a home so that they can buy or build the home. In most cases, a bank or credit union or loan company will loan money to a buyer and use the property as collateral to insure that the loan gets paid back. Mortgage loans cause many individuals questions, these questions can be answered by the Experts like the questions below.

If a couple lives in Elko Nevada, what mortgage loan company would be willing to loan the couple an amount of $400,000?

In the community of Elko, Nevada the couple may run into issues with the credit. Generally Elko may prove to have a bit of a challenge lending money unless the person has a really decent credit rating. The person would just have to sit down and make some calls the brokers in surrounding cities and they may want to possibly look into finding a broker in a bigger city than what they live in.

What is needed from a person to get a mortgage loan?

Case Details: Filed chapter 13 bankruptcy. Need to get a mortgage loan for a house that is worth $500,000

If the person is still paying for the bankruptcy, then generally they would be required to have a pretty large down payment to be able to get the loan. If the person were to get approved for the mortgage loan, then their interest rates may be a lot higher than someone that did not have the credit score or the bankruptcy. The person may look into getting an FHA loan for the mortgage, but they would have to get the permission of their bankruptcy trustee first.

At what point in the mortgage loan application process is employment verified?

In most cases, the verification of the employment or any other type of verification will happen when the person applying for the mortgage loan has signed all the disclosure paperwork as well as the application going through the process that the loan company has set in place.

Can a mortgage company force someone to get flood insurance six years after they take out aa mortgage loan?

Case Details: The insurance is more than what is owed on the loan

In most cases, when it comes to insurance, then the company would have the right to ask that there be insurance on the property that is at least the same amount as the market value of the property that is being insured. If the home is not in a flood plain, then the person may be able to argue that flood insurance is not needed, but the person would need to check the flood maps at their local city office.

Mortgage loans help a family or person to get a home. When a person is thinking of getting a mortgage loan or they already have one then they may run into questions regarding, what are the steps to get a mortgage loan, how to get a mortgage loan, what the requirements would be or any other questions about mortgage loans. When these questions arise, then the person would need to seek the answers form an Expert.

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