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Monocytes Related Questions

What are Monocytes?

Monocytes are considered the largest white blood cell. These cells are part of the innate immune system. Monocytes also play important roles in the immune function of the body. These cells are often found when doing a stained smear and appear large kidney shaped. Many of these re found in the spleen area. When there is an issue with Monocytes, questions about the issues can arise. Read below where some questions about Monocytes are answered by Experts.

What does a raised Monocytes count mean and what should be done about the raised number?

When someone has a viral infection, there can be a raised Monocytes count. Sometimes, when these counts are high, doctors will want to have blood tests ran to help decide what the infection is. When the infection is found, doctors will be able to treat the infection and help lower the cell counts.

What causes the Monocytes count to raise or lower and is further testing needed?

When the body responds to certain immune system attacks, the levels of monocytes that are found are often raised. Sometimes these levels can be lower depending on the immune system that the cells are trying to fight. Further testing is often needed to decide why the levels are raised or lowered.

What are some causes for a raised Monocytes level and is further testing needed?

Some causes for a raised Monocytes count may be:
• Infections
Autoimmune disease
• Malignancies
• Infections that cause inflammation in the body

Depending on the symptoms this can help determine what is causing the raised levels.

What bone marrow conditions can cause a low Monocytes count and is these cells found in bone marrow?

Monocytes can be found in the bone marrow. If there is a disease or other issue that affects the bone marrow, this may cause the Monocytes count to be lower. The following conditions may affect the bone marrow:
• Aplastic anemia
• Tuberculosis
• Epstein-Barr virus
• Rheumatoid arthritis
• Lupus

Does a low Monocytes count mean there is a disease and how can this be determined?

When there is a low Monocytes count, this often does not diagnose a specific condition. If other tests are normal, being low may not mean anything. Further testing can be warranted if the other blood counts are high, low or do not appear normal.

Does genital herpes cause a person’s Monocytes levels to be low? What can be done to find the cause?

Sometimes when someone has genital herpes this may not affect the Monocytes count. The only time a count is affected is when there is another disease or medical issue present. If all tests come back clear, the Monocytes levels may not be a concern.

What can it mean for Monocytes levels to be raised months after an infection and what needs to be done?

When someone has an infection and their Monocytes levels are elevated, the individual may still have elevated level months after the infection is gone. This is often because of a slight trace of the infection still in the body. If these levels are elevated in an extreme manner, this can be a sign of some other infection or disease. Tests may need to be done to decide the cause for the raised levels.

Monocytes are the while blood cells that help fight infectious or diseases in the body. When these levels are raised or lowered, questions about the cause can arise. When these questions come up, individuals may want to ask Experts for reliable answers.
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