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Molar Problems

Molars are considered to be the most complicated teeth. They are found in the posterior region of the mouth and are used for grinding food while eating. Humans have both upper and lower molars. Both these sets of molars can be prone to different kinds of problems like cavities, infections, etc. resulting in a lot of pain. Answered below are some of the important questions that are asked about molar problems that have been answered by the Experts.

Is it necessary for a 70 year old person to replace a missing molar after the molar has been extracted?

In most cases, dentists may suggest that the missing molar tooth be replaced with implants or bridge work. This is because it may not be safe to leave the empty space after the tooth is extracted unattended. The adjacent teeth may drift into the empty area if the space is left as it is. This is called pathological tooth migration. The soft tissues of the cheek, tongue and lips may cause this movement. Sometimes, the teeth that have moved can become crooked and misaligned making it even more difficult to clean them. As a result, these teeth may also become prone to infection. Besides this, if the space is left as it is, it can also affect the person’s jaws leading to headaches.

How effective would a porcelain crown be for molar teeth?

Molars are considered to be the hardest chewing teeth in the mouth. If one uses porcelain crowns on molar teeth, the crowns may last long only if the person does not have a very strong bite and does not grind their teeth, the crown has a metal substructure that supports the porcelain but is not visible and if the person avoids chewing ice and other hard things. Most dentists would suggest the person to opt for crowns made of metal or porcelain crowns with metal support for the molar teeth. Just porcelain crowns may chip off over a period of time.

What are the chances of developing a dry socket if a person starts smoking 50 hours after a molar has been extracted?

In most situations, a dry socket may develop within 48 hours of a tooth being extracted. It is only the loss of blood clot and will heal by itself. Since the person started smoking 50 hours after the molar extraction, the individual may not be at the risk of developing a dry socket.

What could cause a child’s upper and lower molars to be completely eroded?

A child’s upper and lower molars may be completely eroded if the child has a condition called Enamel Dysplasia. This term is normally used to refer to two kinds of enamel developments. There are Enamel Hypoplasia which occurs because of any kind of interference with enamel formation and Enamel Hypocalcification that may be caused due to factors that affect enamel maturation.

What could be the reason for an infection on a molar that had root canal treatment? What medications can the individual take to reduce the pain caused by the infection?

An infection in a molar can be caused due to various reasons. The previous root canal treatment may have failed leading to the infection. In some cases, the cause could be a fractured tooth, an untreated canal that was missed earlier or an infection in the tooth before the root canal treatment itself. The individual may take Amoxicillin 500mg once every eight hours to reduce the pain caused by the infection. It may take 48 to 72 hours for the anti-biotic to show its effect and reduce the pain.

Infections and other problems in the molar teeth can be a cause for pain and fear in people. These issues can give rise to many questions regarding medication and treatment. Not finding the proper answers to these questions can frustrate an individual. You may ask a medical Expert if you have any questions regarding molar problems and their treatment.
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