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Mobile Home Laws

What are mobile home wind zone laws?

In the United States, Department of Housing and Urban Development, otherwise known as HUD, has laws pertaining to mobile homes regarding wind zone. Some parts of Florida is considered to be a wind zone 2 while southern Florida is considered the strongest wind zone which is a 3. After Hurricane Andrew in 1992, there were new standards that were adopted for home construction. The codes that were amended in these wind zones greatly helped the stability of the mobile home.

If a person loans their child and child’s spouse money to buy a mobile home, can the person file for the total amount of the loan or does the amount have to be half of the amount owed in Arizona?

If the parent loaned both the child and their spouse the money then both of them are responsible to pay the money back, so if the parent wants to take the child’s spouse to court to sue for the remainder of what is owed they can, although there is a statute of limitations in the state of Arizona of three years, but this may be forgiven as if the child’s spouse has been paying towards the amount. The person may run into an issue of the child’s spouse files for bankruptcy, because this will wipe out the loan or the order to repay the loan. The person can decide which of the children they file against due to it being community property and both are responsible for paying the loan back.

In the state of Oregon, can a person file suit against the owner of a mobile home park for closing down and leaving them with a balance of $20,000 on a mobile home that they lost?

The Oregon State Bar Association allows for the landlord to start eviction proceedings if the owner of the mobile home park decides to use the land for a different purpose. The landlord must give the person a 365 day notice of the intent to sell the park and pay the person between $5000 and $9000 depending on the size of the mobile home. The landlord cannot charge the person for disposal of the home if the person had to abandon the home due to the closing of the park.

How would a landlord evict a tenant in a mobile home for failure to pay rent if the landlord has already given eviction notice?

Since the landlord is dealing with a mobile home and not an apartment, the landlord would need to obtain a writ of retainer and once that is granted from the court, then the landlord would need to get a hold of the sheriff of their county and have the sheriff forcibly evict the person from the mobile home.

If a person owns a mobile home park in Oklahoma, what can the owner do about a person who does not reside in the park, but continues to be an issue and what can the person do if the issue has to do with a person that does reside in the park?

The landlord should contact the tenant first. If the problem is so bad or illegal that a court intervention would be the right thing to do, then the landlord’s case would trump the tenant’s right to have visitors. The person would not be considered a trespasser due to the tenant wanting the person there. If the visitor is violating the rules, then the tenant would also be liable for the visitor’s actions and a warning letter should be sent to the tenant explain the rules and how the visitor violated them.

Mobile home laws can often be complex and hard to understand at times. If a person has an issue understanding the rules or how to proceed with anything to do with the mobile home laws, then they would need to seek the advice from the Experts.
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