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Mobile Home Park Laws

What is a mobile home park?

A mobile home park or trailer park is a type of park that is permanent or semi-permanent for mobile homes or travel trailers. The people whom live in this type of place do it for the convenience of the lower cost compared to other housing and the ability to pick up and move if needed to gain jobs in different areas. This type of community is very profitable for the manufacturers just by the increase in manufacturing the mobile homes that reside in this type of community. Most mobile home parks are viewed as a type of low income housing in a lot of the areas of the United States with the occupants living at just below the poverty line.

If a person owns a mobile home park in Oklahoma and has residents that are not complying with the parks rules and regulations regarding a car, does the manager have to give a 30 day notice to tow or can they tow the car immediately?

As long as the manager has in the lease that the tenants have to abide by the rules and regulations, then the manager has the right to give the tenant a 30 day to vacate the property and have the car towed immediately. If the tenant does not claim the car and does not pay the cost of the towing, then the manager can also pursue the cost of the towing from the tenant as well as any other costs.

In the state of Missouri, can a mobile home park sell or give away abandoned trailers to clear up the lots they are sitting on for other trailers?

The manager of the trailer park would have to send notice to the owners of the trailers through certified means and to the last address known. In the state of Missouri, the manager must give the owners notice that the manager intends to remove them and that the owner would need to pay the money they are behind or the manager will start the foreclosure proceedings to acquire the titles to the trailer for the purpose of destroying them or getting rid of them by other means. The manager can also pursue any damages against the owners as well.

Should a mobile home park manager place signs regarding cameras throughout the park or just where the cameras actually are?

The manager should contact the local law enforcement to see where in the park the person is allowed to install cameras. The manager would need to watch where he/she places the cameras due to privacy, but they do not have to say where exactly the camera is located as long as they have signs throughout the park warning of the camera use.

If a tenant in a mobile home park is moving and gave notice, can the manager charge them a larger deposit?

This all depends on why the person has to pay the extra money. The person can take the matter to small claims court and show that the extra deposit money is unfair and that they paid an initial deposit that should have covered anything in the clean up? Then the tenant would be able to see an itemized expense report as to where all the original deposit was spent, such as cleaning, repairs, etc. If the tenant can prove that they over paid or did not have the work done, then the courts should not rule in the favor of the trailer park.

When a person runs or rents from a mobile home park they may have questions regarding the rules and regulations. When the questions arise, then the manager/tenant may need to seek the advice of an Expert to gain the answers to the questions.
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