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Magunson Moss Warranty Act (MMWA)

What is the Magunson Moss Warranty Act?

The Magnuson-Moss Act was established by the Congress due to the fact of unguided treatments of products that relate to merchants of warranties and disclaimers. The act was developed to create warranties on products made for consumers that would uphold to being understandable. The Magnuson-Moss Act also gives information pertaining to helping the Federal Trade Commission assist with protecting consumer products.

If a person buys a brand new car from dealer and starts to have problems with the car, what is to be done if car dealer does not agree to fix the vehicle?

According to the Magunson Moss Warranty Act, the car dealership duties are to fix the defected car or give the customer a replacement car; if the defected one can’t be repaired. If the dealer refuses to fix the car or can’t the car; the car owner can file complaint for violating the Warranty Act. Also stated in the Magunson Moss Warranty Act; the Commonwealth Attorney General can establish a problem solving process that handles situations such as these. If the Attorney General can’t solve the problem then the person that bought the car could file a lawsuit for violating the warranty; that states that the dealership is responsible for the cost of fixing the defected new vehicle.

Regarding to the Magnusson Moss Act of 1975 and how it applies to printer cartridges; is it legal to have the majority of a company’s laser printers under a third party maintenance agreement that prohibits the use of anything but Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) ink?

The warranties are offered by third parties or manufacturers that will help with repairing products. A service agreement is a contract by third parties to give assistance and the third parties are allowed to contract freely and if the third parties use contracts for the OEM parts with the company. The Magnusson Moss Act is not related to this issue. It is stated in the act that a service contract contracts from a warranty because a service contract doesn’t assure that a product will have the quality that the consumer seeks.

How does the Federal Lemon Law work?

The Federal Lemon Law assists with compensation to people that have defective cars, trucks and other vehicles. There are other products such as boats, computer, computer software and other products. In order for a person to qualify under to file under the Federal Lemon Law; the person will have to have a product that has multiple repair damages attempts that fall with the warranty of the manufacturing company.

Can a person recover for damages under the Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act and Connecticut statues; if it was incidental damages to a product?

Warranties under are under both the act and under warranty contracts can’t cover or provide for incidental damages.

Sometimes it may be a product that is defected or needs repairing; under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act it is up to the company to reimburse for making sure that things are taken care of for the consumers. Experts are here to help with questions that relate to unfair treatment of warranty situations with manufacturing companies. All questions are accepted and answered to the fullest capabilities.
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