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Mixing Valve Problems

A mixing valve is a term used to describe a device that combines hot and cold water for a safe comfortable mixture. It is used to describe valves included as anti-scald. They automatically control the temperature of the hot water and are usually centrally located to control flow throughout the house. It can also be used for just one outlet such as a shower. These can be confusing and issues can require the assistance of an Expert. To get more information about mixing valve problems, listed below are common questions answered by Experts.

What can be done when a Mixet shower mixing valve is not providing hot water and seems like the cartridge needs to be adjusted?

The problem here could be that the shower mixing valve is old and o needs replaced. There are some reports or history of Mixet valves becoming faulty. As a replacement, Normix valves can be considered. The other option in this case is to remove the cartridge and flush out any debris from the line by turning the water on. Try to clear the line of trash, scale or pieces of hot water dip tube. While attempting this, one should be careful not to flood the area. One could check with any local plumbing supply store w for the Mixet shower mixing valve and replace the existing system with a similar one.

. What are the potential problems with T'ing off a mixing valve to three quarter volume control valves to allow an option to use without a diverter? The feed lines are only half inch?

Typically if a smaller pipe is flowing into a larger pipe, the pressure has a tendency to drop. IF there is good water pressure flowing through the pipes, there should not be any obvious problems with this type of an installation. If the installation lowers the pressure, lower than a preferred level, half inch pipes can be used with three-quarter inch to half inch couplings. A better alternative would be replace the half inch supply pipe coming to the valve with three-quarter inch pipes, which go back to the meter. This may mean more work to be carried out with the installation but would result in more water flow.

Why has the Kohler K682 thermostatic mixing valve stopped working and displaying an error code 003D?

This particular valve may not have any user serviceable components. A local plumber who is familiar with digital control valves should be contacted as they will be able to service this mixing valve. In case there is nobody you are aware of who could be called, using services such as “Home Advisor” or “Angie’s list” can be helpful to obtain a referral. While contacting them, they should be made aware you have a Kohler thermostatic mixing valve with a digital control. Prior to contacting a professional, try resetting the mixing valve unit by unplugging it, this may resolve this error code.

Water pressure is good to the mixer on a Symmons mixing valve for a shower-only stall however why is there barely any water coming from the shower head? Replacing the mixer did not help.

If the shower head was removed to check the water pressure/flow and only the spindle was replaced, there are two possibilities for this problem. Either the volume control spindle could be failing, or it is the wrong diverter. This is because essentially the shower-only units and tub/shower units have the same valve but different diverters. In case a tub/shower diverter spindle was installed instead of a volume control spindle, the problem currently being faced would occur. To check this the face plate should be removed and the color of the volume control spindle checked. It should be black. If it is grey or white, the diverter installed is for the tub/shower variety. Another possibility is that the valve body itself could be clogged. In case the valve is clogged, the solution would be to have it replaced.

As detailed above mixing valves play an important role especially in showers and tub/shower units. There can also be different variants of mixing valves meant for specific purposes or to be used on specific fixtures. Sometimes when mixing valve problems arise, it can lead to complications with the water flow or water pressure. At such times, mixing valve troubleshooting is necessary. Hence to be able to troubleshoot mixing valve problems and to obtain answers, Experts can provide the information needed, quickly and affordably.
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