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Misuse of Company Property Questions

Misuse of company property can have serious consequences. In the absence of any policy or contract, it can lead to immediate termination of employment. When someone is terminated for this, it can often be unexpected and leave a person confused and with questions. 

A few of the most commonly asked questions on cases related to misuse of company property are listed below.

If a person is terminated for too many personal calls is there still a way to receive unemployment benefits and can the examiner reduce the benefits?

In most cases, the examiner does not have the discretion to grant you only a part of your benefits. You are either eligible for benefits or not. You could argue that you substantially complied with your employer’s request and cut down on personal telephone calls. Though your telephone calls may have provided sufficient legal grounds for termination, they may not amount to you having to forego your benefits.

In Texas, is it misuse of corporate assets to use a registration sticker that was found in the trash?

Based on the facts of this case, you could actually be made to pay other penalties if law enforcement finds out that you misused a vehicle registration sticker by putting it on a vehicle that was unregistered. Having said that, many assets that are thrown away on purpose can be taken by anyone who wants them. Yet, if a company lays down a policy that prevents employees from using its discarded material, the company is entitled to also enforce the policies. 

But, you must remember that Texas is an employment “at will” state which means that an employer can terminate employees for almost any reason at all. This could even include reasons such as picking up objects from the trash even if there was no policy that prohibited such behavior. Now, if the employee was fired because of such an occurrence, as long as he or she was not indulging in unlawful conduct, he or she would be eligible for unemployment benefits. But if the employee is seen as using a vehicle registration as his or her own, it would amount to unlawful conduct and it could cost the employee unemployment benefits.

Is it wrongful termination to be fired for using company email to discuss purchasing prescription medication with another co-worker?

The company does not have to prove that the sale took place on company property to have grounds for termination. This is especially true if there is no employment contract in place that says specifically that you can only be terminated for cause. All your employer needs is a reasonable suspicion and the following two facts make the termination legal. One, that you talked about buying the medication. And two, that you did so using company email. This would not be a case of wrongful termination

There are several ways in which you can misuse company property unknowingly. However, as an employee, it is best to be cautious and aware of company policy. For more information on your specific case, ask a legal Expert on JustAnswer now. 

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