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Traffic Misdemeanor Questions

What is a traffic misdemeanor?

A traffic misdemeanor is when a person receives a Driving under the Influence charge (DUI), leaving the scene of an accident, driving without a license, driving without valid insurance, or driving in a reckless manner. If a person is charged with a traffic misdemeanor, then the person may face being taken to the police station and having to pay a bail amount or the person will have to pay a large fine or even face prison time for the misdemeanor if the traffic misdemeanor warrants it.

If a person lives out of state and showed up to their court date that was on the traffic misdemeanor ticket and then was told that they had to return the following week, what can they do?

The person would need to contact the prosecutor’s office and see if they will work with the person. The prosecutor may agree to the person taking a defensive driving course or to a deferred sentencing program where the person would need to do several hours of community service to have the ticket dismissed.

If a person is going to be out of the country at the time of the court date for their traffic misdemeanor, what can they do?

The person would need to contact the court and ask the clerk if they could get a advance hearing for before they leave the country or if they can get an extension on the court date till after they return. If the clerk does not agree to either option, then the person would need to hire an attorney and have the attorney show up to court and explain that the clerk would not reset the court date and that the person had to go out of the country.

In the state of Delaware, what is the statute of limitations for warrants that were issued for misdemeanor traffic violations?

In the state of Delaware, when it comes to misdemeanor traffic violations, there is no statute of limitations. If there is a warrant issued, then the warrant would still be on file in the court the violation happened. The warrant will not be dropped until the person either paid it or was arrested and taken to court.

In the state of Florida, if a person was arrested for a misdemeanor traffic violation and then the vehicle was sold, would the state of Florida have to repay the cost of the car if the case was dismissed?

The state of Florida would be liable for the sale of the car if the car was sold before the case was decided upon. The loss of the value of the car will have to be repaid to the person and the person can sue the city where it happened as well as the tow company for the value of the vehicle.

When a person commits a traffic misdemeanor, then they face several questions and those questions may include, what they can do to take care of the ticket, what is the time limit on the ticket, what they can do to move a court date, what types of violations is considered to be misdemeanors, or any other question the person may have. When these questions arise, then the person would need to contact an Expert to gain the insight that they need.
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