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Miscarriage Related Questions

A miscarriage occurs when a pregnancy spontaneously ends during its early stages because the fetus cannot survive on its own. Miscarriages are usually to blame for many early pregnancy issues and there are several reasons that can cause a miscarriage to occur. To learn more about miscarriage and what causes it, take a look below at the questions that have been answered by the Experts.

If a woman has missed a period but a pregnancy test shows negative, could she still be pregnant? If so, what can be taken to have a miscarriage?

Generally, when a woman has a negative reading on a pregnancy test, it is doubtful that she is pregnant. If a woman's period is only a week late, a blood test to check for pregnancy is considered more reliable than a home pregnancy test. Miscarriage is a term used to describe an abortion that has occurred naturally. When a woman wants to cause a miscarriage, the act would be called an abortion. Generally, there are two options for an abortion and both options require the assistance of a doctor. The first option is to take the abortion pill RU 486 which must be prescribed by a doctor. The second option is to have the abortion done surgically by a gynecologist. Basically, there isn't a pill that a person can take or a procedure that they can perform to induce a miscarriage without the assistance of a doctor. Many times, a missed period is a sign of other problems not associated with pregnancy. Below is a list of the possible issues could cause this: 1) Ovarian hormone dysfunction 2) Thyroid hormone abnormalities 3) Stress, anxiety, emotional disorders 4) Sudden weight loss or gain 5) Excessive physical activity 6) Hyperprolactinemia  

How much blood is lost during a miscarriage?

If a woman is having a miscarriage, there is usually nothing that can prevent it from happening. The amount of blood lost will vary from person to person. In some cases, a doctor may draw a blood count at the onset of a miscarriage to evaluate the amount of blood loss. Very often, there will be heavy bleeding with clots and cramping which may continue for a few weeks. However, a woman may want to seek medical attention if she were bleeding excessively or were feeling light headed due to tremendous blood loss. If this is the case, calling an ambulance or asking a friend or neighbor to drive to the hospital would be safer.

What is an internal miscarriage in the uterus?

When a woman has a miscarriage that takes place within the uterus, it is called a missed miscarriage/abortion. However, if the miscarriage occurs after 20-24 weeks of pregnancy, it would no longer be termed a miscarriage but rather a fetal death in utero. The first sign of this condition is usually an absence of movement of the fetus. Fetal death can then be confirmed with an ultrasound. Labor will usually begin soon after or within several weeks if the death occurs within the seven month period. If the fetus remains in the womb for several weeks, there is usually a higher risk of bleeding issues. If labor hasn't begun within three weeks, most doctors will induce labor. However, in many cases, most women will begin labor on their own and deliver the dead fetus prior to the three weeks.

Will a pregnancy test still say positive after a miscarriage?

In most cases, a pregnancy test will show a positive reading for weeks after a woman has miscarried. For this reason, an at home pregnancy test isn't considered reliable. It is better for a woman to have a blood test done to detect hormone levels which will offer more of an accurate assessment. Generally, it takes two blood tests with a 48 hour gap to determine whether the pregnancy is going well. Based on the results, a doctor may schedule an ultrasound either immediately or only if other symptoms such as pain develop. A majority of pregnancies go full term without any issues. However, some pregnancies are prone to issues that generally result in a miscarriage. If you are undergoing a miscarriage or have questions or concerns about one, ask an Expert for medical insights and assistance. They can offer information both quickly and affordably based on your case history.
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