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Mini Fridge Problems

A mini fridge holding a red apple Mini Fridge Problems Mini fridges work on the same principle as the common household refrigerator though some may not have the freezer component due to their size. As their name suggests they are miniature to provide convenience, portability and cooling at different locations in your house or at any premises. These fridges are not meant to store many items for long periods of time. Listed below are a few common asked questions that have answered by the Experts on mini fridge problems

How would an individual clean liquid from a subzero mini fridge?

Since it is liquid which has spilt in the mini refrigerator, it is not a wise idea to tilt or turn the refrigerator on its side even if it is possible. This may cause other damage. The fridge should remain upright. You can take the fridge outside and hose it using a pipe being careful not to wet any of the electrical components. Despite being careful if any parts do get wet accidently, the unit can be left alone to dry out and this should not cause any harm to it. Removing access panels is also fine if you are comfortable in doing so.

What could be the problem on a mini fridge that has stopped working, has a constant ticking sound, the motor does not activate and the compressor is heating up?

If the compressor is clicking intermittently or every two minutes and it is so hot that you cannot rest your hand on it, it indicates there could be a problem with the sealed system. Sealed systems involve dealing with the refrigeration component and hence a technician with a Freon recovery license is required to do the repair. You could also check on your warranty status. Usually for the compressor and sealed system the warranty is for five years. It could have changed in recent times but it is an option worth looking into.

Why does the cooling cycle of a mini fridge continue despite any temperature control, however this stops once the unit is unplugged?

Since the cooling cycle is working non-stop, the compressor is functioning fine which means the fault could be with the thermostat. The compressor is not receiving any signal from the thermostat. To fix this problem you need to replace the thermostat and it should go back to normal. The thermostat is located behind the control panel which is behind the control knob.

What could be the issue if a mini fridge is extremely cold and freezes the contents inside?

This indicates a faulty thermostat. Since the thermostat is not functioning properly it is making the compressor work overtime as it senses the fridge is not cooling sufficiently. This leads to excessive cooling, ice and frost build up since the compressor is not turned off long enough for the frost to melt on the chill plate.

If a mini fridge’s Freon leaked out, but the hole was repaired, what should the line pressure and PSI range while the fridge is running?

After your repair, if the mini fridge is working as normal the amount of refrigerant added seems correct. The average range of PSI (per square inch) varies between 12 to 18 PSI when it is not cycling. However there could be a variance of +/- 5 to 7 PSI based on the manufacturer and ambient temperature. To keep a check on the system, inspect the evaporator line for any ice buildup. If it does start collecting ice, you could add more R134a. If the ice buildup is absent then the system is operating normally.

With a temperature dial on a mini fridge ranging between 1 and 7, which setting is cooler? What is the optimum setting?

In this fridge, number 1 is the warmest setting and number 7 is the coolest setting. The optimum setting that you could maintain should be either 3 or 4. This will help contents such as milk last longer.

What could be the problem and repair for a mini fridge that has started to leak when moved?

This is one of the most common issues which occur when individuals’ move these systems. The moving of the system has lead to the oil from the compressor to leak and clog the refrigeration lines. Many times this can cause the brittle lines at the back of the unit to crack. For some units the lights could come on and if the compressor works, the problem could be with the sealed system. To repair this issue, the refrigeration lines need to opened and the system needs to be vacuumed out. This is not an easy repair which cannot be done by the individual instead the individual would need to hire a licensed technician that is allowed to handle refrigerants.

As seen above, common issues usually occur with the thermostat, compressor or the sealed system. Depending on the problem it could be minor or major. Sometimes problems with a compressor or sealed system can work out more expensive than the cost of the unit itself. One should handle the unit with care even though it is small in size since it can cause leakages. To understand more about the mini fridge problems and repair options, individuals can receive information and solutions from the thousands of available Experts.
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