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National Crime Information Center (NCIC) Rules

What is the National Crime Information Center?

The National Crime Information Center (NCIC) is ran by a computer that shows criminal justice information. The information includes a person’s criminal record, people that are missing, wanted criminals, and even valuable items that are stolen. The information center is used by Federal, State, and Local Law enforcement; the center is always open and functioning 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The center helps law enforcement officials with locating people that are missing, catching people that may be wanted for a crime, and other things that may assist the law enforcement with bringing justice to the world.

If a person lost rank in the military and person was told that records were sealed and wouldn’t be seen. During a background check for employment the charges came up. How can person get official documents of the incident if these records were sealed and how was the background check able to show charges?

A person’s military records are not locked away; the records are kept by the National Archives. A person can obtain a copy of them at: A person will be able to view records once they have logged on to the site. If a person was arrested by the police; the National Crime Information Center would have it on file and wouldn’t be able delete. The only way it would be deleted if it was due to an error. In order for a person to be able to view military records; law enforcement officials will be able to assist with gaining access.

If a person failed a test for drug use and got an Article 15, and then was discharged Other Than Honorable (OTH) after Captains Mast in the Navy; will it show on an NCIC background check?

There is a chance that it may not show on the background check, if the National Criminal Information Service was a part of this case; the information center would need to make an entry. The only people that are allowed permission to operate entries in the Navy are the National Criminal Information Center. If the person decides to run a background check; the center will ask the person to give up rights to seeking military records and the OTH would appear on the person’s background check.

If the person felt that military service records where given out without permission; can a person delete records from the National Criminal Information Center? The information includes legal proceedings in the military and any arrests?

A person’s military record is separate from a criminal record. The person’s military record is protected under the Privacy Act. In order for a person to gain access to another individual’s military records it must be court ordered or permission given. A person being arrested is a different situation; once a person is arrested while serving in the military it is reported to the National Criminal Information Center. Only the people that work for the information to seek information on a person’s background check. The person can ask for the record to be deleted but it is the decision of the information center. Mainly, unless if it’s due to an error.

Can a person have a felony charge corrected by the National Criminal Information Center?

There may be a chance that it is not a felony. There are not felonies according to the military law. A person can’t delete a record if it is accurate information according to the National Criminal Information Center. The person will have to show a copy of the record of trial. It may be for an appearance in a special court and not a felony.

The National Criminal Information Center is designed to help all of the criminal activities to be monitored and to keep everything in place. Some people have questions referring to background checks. Others have questions referring to the rules of the NCIC. Experts are here to direct people on the right path if they are questions of confusion.
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