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Military Base Questions

What is a military base?

A military base is a place that has many different uses. They are used for training soldiers, testing weapons and are also capable at times for being used as command centers during war time. They are also used in sheltering everything from equipment to the soldiers themselves. Most Military Bases are used for the housing of soldiers.

If a person has been convicted of a class C felony possession charge ten years ago is he/she eligible for work on a military base as a contractor?

It may be possible, with an otherwise clear record to have that opportunity to be a contractor for work projects on a Military base. The decision is the commander’s as to who has access to the base for the most part.

Can someone riding in a car on a Military Base, be charged with stolen property that is found in the car, if he/she are not the owner of the car if they were not read their Miranda rights?

This person can be charged, but, it is not considered a conviction just yet. If the stolen property was in another person’s car, then the law enforcement will have a difficult time convicting this person of anything, since the car did not belong to them. The law enforcement can only convict someone of another person’s stolen property if they have more evidence to prove that the person was in fact part of the stealing or receiving stolen property. As for arresting, there is a law that mandates that a person must be read their Miranda rights prior to the interrogation or arrest.

Can a military base instructor take a student’s phone and search the contents of the phone if they are not allowed in class?

Only the battalion commander has the authority to search the contents of the phone unless the battalion commander was to give the instructor permission to do the search themselves then that would be permissible, otherwise the instructor has committed an illegal search.

If a civilian employee on a military base was to record a meeting without the permission of any of the people in the meeting including supervisors could the employee be charged with a crime if caught in the state of Utah?

Under the wiretap laws of Utah and the federal government it would be allowed to record any meetings as long as the information in the meeting is not deemed classified and as long as at least one of the persons involved in the meeting being records is aware of the meetings being recorded.

Military bases are fundamental in the United States Armed Forces. They provide places for soldiers and recruits to train along with storage for much of the military equipment and supplies. Restricted to the general public they also provide everything that you see in the outside world such as schools, churches, housing along with activity sites such as parks, gyms and places for sporting events. Military bases also provide jobs for people that do live on base which helps the economy. If someone is living on a Military base they need to adhere and abide by the rules and laws of the Military. Military laws differ from civilian laws and many times civilians are not aware of the Military law. If a person is faced with law situations while living on a Military base, they may need to contact an Expert in this area.
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