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Microwave Drawer Problems

Microwaves are appliances used to heat food quickly and efficiently. It is usually better for food which is less dense. It is popular to reheat previously cooked food or for cooking of vegetables. Theses appliances cannot caramelize or brown dishes since they do not reach such high temperatures required in doing so. Microwave drawers are designed as a device installed within a range unit which consists of a stove top and oven. They pop out as a drawer and can be used as regular microwave ovens. Listed below are a few common questions answered by the Experts on microwave drawer.

What could cause a GE microwave oven to stop heating? What could be the average cost for magnetron or high voltage diode repair?

The issue could be with any of the following components such as the magnetron, high voltage capacitor, door switch or the power diode. These are not components which can be tested or fixed at home since they require factory test equipment to accurately diagnose the problem. Additionally microwaves contain excessive amounts of voltage even when turned off making them potentially dangerous to dismantle and reach these parts. You could take it to a qualified repairman and have it serviced. The approximate cost of this type of a repair could range from $150 to $300 based on the region.

What could be the cause of a Sharp microwave oven to stop responding to the open/close feature on the touchpad?

Most probably the linkage or the motor has broken or fallen off from the microwave. To get an accurate diagnosis, the system will need to be disconnected or dismantled for the broken parts to become visible. Since the motor is running as per your observation, the problem is with the linkage or tracking and for resolving such an issue, the help of qualified service man is essential.

Could a fuse at the cabinet where the microwave drawer is installed affect the open/close function on a microwave oven drawer?

Most models do not have a fuse separately or only for the retractable drawer. It is most likely a case of a faulty switch, loose wire or a defective motor in the drawer. Probably could have prevented the drawer from opening when it pushed out or something was burnt inside.

What could be the cause when a Sharp microwave oven drawer has stopped working even though the unit has been cleaned, and the light comes on occasionally?

This could be an issue with the outlet or a loose connection. You will need to try plugging it into a different outlet to isolate the source. You can try the garage to avoid plugging into the same circuit. If it does not come on, open the cabinet and search for any loose connection starting from the power cord. Inspect the fuses and holders as well. Fuses are located inside the unit. By tracing the interior cable cord, it will take you directly to the fuse. If you find nothing affected here or are not too comfortable in doing so, it is probably better to have it checked by a repairman.

What could be the issue when cleaning an electric range with a microwave drawer the touch pad has stopped working with all touch pad controls have disappeared?

An electronic glitch could have occurred with the system. In order to reset the system and clear these errors, you could try turning off the power from the house breaker and to the range for a minimum of five minutes. There should be two switches to the over circuit breaker.

In the present times we have appliances for all our needs - cooking, baking, grilling, and re-heating and so on. Some appliances are made for one purpose and therefore we may need several appliances in our kitchen to get things done. A range which has an oven, stove and a microwave drawer combines all the essential devices into one unit making things very convenient and simple. When you face issues with the microwave drawer however, it may be harder to deal with due to the nature of high voltage involved. This is where the help and guidance from Experts will prove useful as well as necessary.
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