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Metronidazole For Cats

What is metronidazole and when is it usually prescribed for cats? What are the common side effects of this medication? When infections present themselves in cats through symptoms and issues, quick and correct action is necessary. This is possible through broad range antibiotics such as metronidazole. Similar to other antibiotics, this medication is prescribed for a certain period, at a certain dosage. If you have questions, veterinary Experts online can help.

Read below where Experts have provided insights and answers about the metronidazole antibiotic.

What is metronidazole used for on cats?

Metronidazole or ‘Flagyl’ is an antibiotic which is effective in treating common bacteria that affects the liver, gut, colon and can treat pancreatitis. It is known to possess good penetration. Most cats respond to metronidazole but if it is difficult to administer it to the cat, the pharmacist can compound it into a flavored treat or liquid if it needs to be given on a regular basis.

What are the side-effects of metronidazole for cats?

Metronidazole is an antibiotic which is bitter tasting with anti-inflammatory effects. This antibiotic is known to have certain side effects such as drooling, nausea and lack of appetite. In some cats it is known to cause vomiting and diarrhea. To counteract this, it is better to administer the antibiotic with meals. Typically, in most cases, the primary disease is more likely to cause nausea and the drugs such as metronidazole is likely to worsen the effect. For cats with extreme reactions, it may be better to give the medication in an injectable form so that it is able to tolerate it better.

Can a kitten experiencing red, bloody stool be treated with metronidazole?

The most common cause for this type of an issue is dietary. The food being ingested may not be appropriate such as human food, treats or something picked up off the ground. Apart from this, intestinal parasites, stress, rectal masses, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), liver, kidney and pancreatic problems are all potential causes as well. To deal with it, a course of metronidazole antibiotic along with a high fiber diet would be helpful.

What can be done to treat a cat which is vomiting often and also experiencing runny stools?

Based on the description of the problem, the cat is most likely experiencing irritable bowel syndrome or IBS. The goal of therapy is to reduce diarrhea, vomiting and promote appetite and weight gain at the same time decreasing intestinal inflammation. Typically, dietary manipulation by itself should be effective in some cases; in other cases, it can enhance the efficiency of concurrent medical therapy, reducing drug dosage and discontinuing drug therapy once clinical signs are in remission. The drugs prescribed for the management of irritable bowel syndrome is an antibiotic such as metronidazole, corticosteroids, azathioprine and Tylosin are among the drugs most often used in the management of IBS. Sometimes, an extended course of metronidazole is needed but no longer than two weeks or until the problem is present.

Is it safe for a pregnant cat to be given 100mg of metronidazole?

Though metronidazole is not an antibiotic normally used on pregnant animals but as a one-time dose it does not pose a risk to the cat or the kittens. However, it would be better to consult the vet on the necessity of the metronidazole antibiotic and check if it can be switched or discontinued altogether. In case it is being used to treat diarrrhea, it would be better to increase the fiber intake in the diet by taking one teaspoon of canned pumpkin or sweet potato baby food, 2-4 times daily for a few days until it clears out.

As seen above, metronidazole medication has many uses for cats when faced with different type of illnesses. However, it needs to be administered after proper instructions and guidance from the veterinarian or Experts. The dose and period it is administered for is also important. To know more about metronidazole, its other uses and effects ask specific questions to Experts online to get quick, affordable answers at the click of a button.

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