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Methamphetamine Test and Treatment

What is methamphetamine?

Methamphetamine (meth) is often considered to be a very highly addictive drug that often has some sort of affect on a person’s nervous system. However, most forms of methamphetamine that is used within the United States may come from a foreign superlab, however, the drug may also be made within a small laboratory with many over the counter ingredients. Methamphetamine may have many different names such as “speed”, “meth”, and “chalk”, “ice”, “crystal”, “crank”, and “glass”. Methamphetamine may be known to be white, without any odor and may even dissolve in water or alcohol. There are some situations where methamphetamine is used in a form of medical treatment; however there are still cases where individuals abuse this treatment and become addicted to it causing many problems. When an individual is taking methamphetamine for a medical treatment or even abusing this treatment many questions may arise regarding the complications, side effects, dangers, and uses. Read below where Experts have answered many commonly asked questions regarding methamphetamine.

In the case an individual has tested positive for methamphetamine is there a way someone can send this test to a lab to determine if there is some over the counter substance that is causing the test to read positive?

In some cases this may be possible for someone to send the testing to another lab in order to determine if there is any type of over the counter medications that has caused the test to result in a false positive. Some over the counter medications that may make a test read positive for methamphetamine may include pseudoephedrine, ranitidine and phenylephrine.

How long would methamphetamine stay in a person’s blood stream in regards to a blood drug test?

In some situations, methamphetamine may often be able to be found in a person’s blood for about 1-3 days and may even extend up to 4-5 days. However, the time frame may all depend on the amount that was consumed, metabolic rate, the individual’s age, and how often the individual uses methamphetamine as well as the individual’s health history.

When an individual is taking a drug test can benzphetamine HCL show up as methamphetamine?

In some cases, the medication benzphetamine may often show up as methamphetamine within the individual’s urine after its metabolism in the individual’s body.

Can Ranitidine cause an individual to fail a drug screen for methamphetamine 600 milligrams for 1 year?

It is known that the acid reducer that is found in ranitidine may not affect a person’s drug screening or a methamphetamine test. However, in some cases, the drugs that may able to affect a person’s drug screening may be pseudoephedrine which is known as Sudafed, Nyquil and some nasal inhalers, prescription diet pill, and ADD (attention deficit disorder) or ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) medications.

Methamphetamine may often be a common drug that many individuals abuse, however this may also be used as a medical treatment. For more information regarding the common side effects of methamphetamine, complications and common treatments may be answered by Experts.
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