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Mercury Poisoning Questions

Mercury poisoning cases are highly specialized cases and it is important for individuals to have as much information as possible if they are planning to sue someone for mercury poisoning or are at the risk of being sued by someone. Given below are questions about mercury poisoning answered by Legal Experts.

What is Mercury Poisoning?

Mercury poisoning is a condition that may be caused when an individual is constantly exposed to mercury and its compounds. Many individuals who may be working in areas that involve chemicals like mercury and its compounds may be susceptible to mercury poisoning. Sometimes, it may be caused due to levels of mercury in the water that individuals consume as well.

Can an individual sue his/her employer if he/she has got mercury poisoning from working in the dental field?

If an individual gets mercury poisoning due to working with hazardous products in the dental field, he/she may have a products liability and negligence claim against the manufacturers of the products. He/she may also sue his/her employer for a workers’ compensation claim. The individual may have to collect all of his/her medical records and bills from the treatment for the mercury poisoning. He/she may also have to prove that he/she found out about his/her condition recently. The individual may contact his/her local bar and get the list of attorneys who handle mercury poisoning cases.

Legally, what steps can an individual take if his/her family members get mercury poisoning due to infected water from the well caused by mining?

An individual may contact the federal government to come and look at the place. The government may issue sanctions and fines against the company that does mining near the individual’s house. This can help the individual in his/her case against the owners of the mine. The individual may also hire an attorney who specializes in environmental law and file a lawsuit against the owners of the mine for any medical and other damages.

What documents would an individual require to take action against his/her land developers for mercury poisoning?

If an individual wants to sue his/her land developer for mercury poisoning, he/she may have to first get the property’s soil, ground water and air tested to see if there is mercury in it. He/she may have to hire somebody to do the testing. The individual may also need all of his/her medical records and bills related to the mercury poisoning. He/she may have to ask his/her doctor to testify at the trial. He/she may need to have the land developer’s contact information so that the individual’s attorney can send him/her a summons and a complaint. If the individual loses any wages due to the mercury poisoning, he/she may have to keep the documents of those lost wages. The individual may also ask his/her neighbors to testify against the land developer at the trial.

What kind of a lawsuit can an individual file if he/she wants to sue someone for mercury poisoning?

An individual may file a class action lawsuit if he/she wants to sue someone for mercury poisoning. He/she may require an attorney who is experienced in mercury poisoning cases as it would be a specialized case. The state may not be very involved in this case as it may be a federal case.

What kind of evidence would an individual require to prove that his/her dental fillings are responsible for mercury poisoning?

An individual may need a physician to check him/her in order to find a relation between his/her dental fillings and the mercury poisoning. He/she may require a report from the physician to prove that the fillings are responsible for the mercury poisoning. He/she may contact his/her medical malpractice attorney to file a lawsuit.

Not knowing what action to take against someone when you are infected with mercury poisoning can be very frustrating. It may be very expensive for you to hire a lawyer to get answers to a few questions about mercury poisoning, especially when you have a lot of medical bills to handle as well. In such a situation, you can get your questions answered by an Expert if you are looking for more information about mercury poisoning.
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