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Mercury Poisoning

What is mercury poisoning and what are mercury poisoning symptoms?

Mercury poisoning is known as an illness in which the body is exposed to mercury or components of mercury. The heavy metal mercury may have toxic effects on the body if high level doses are present. Diseases that may be caused by mercury poisoning may include Acrodynia, Hunter-Russell syndrome, and Minamata disease. Mercury poisoning symptoms may normally involve the sensory portions of the body to be impaired such as vision, hearing and speech. There may also be issues with coordination. Symptoms may be dependent upon the amount of dosage received and duration of exposure. If a heavy amount for longer periods of time, then the symptoms may be more extreme than with a lose dose and exposure. Being unclear on how mercury poisoning may have occurred or what mercury poisoning side effect might be may often lead to questions like those answered below by Experts.

How is mercury poison developed and how can someone get it out of their system?

An individual may develop mercury poisoning by eating certain types of foods that are high in levels of mercury such as tuna and other fish. This often would need to happen over a period of time. Mercury poisoning may also occur if handling mercury the metal. Mercury poisoning may also occur from inhalation of the mercury vapor. Mercury poisoning is typically treated by chelating. Chelating is when mercury the metal is combined with another metal with hopes that the mercury will be excreted by urine and/or stools.

Can mercury poisoning be mistaken as a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis especially when an individual has had many amalgam fillings, eats lots of tuna and swordfish, and has tattoos all over their body?

Mercury poisoning is often known to lead to neurological symptoms that may often resemble MS (multiple sclerosis) symptoms. An individual who has mercury poisoning, however may also develop rashes, vomiting, nausea, etc. that are not symptomatic of MS. It may be unlikely that a doctor has misdiagnosed MS but individual may have testing in order to check their mercury levels in order to be certain.

What tuna or fish is safe to eat so as not to get mercury poisoning?

In the 70’s there was a big tuna fish scare associated with mercury poisoning. Since then tuna is packed more in water than in oil. It is also recommended to only eat tuna in water sparingly; no more than 3 ounces a week. It is also recommended to fast from fish that are caught in areas that are known for mercury in high amounts. Salmon is not caught in areas that are laden with mercury and may be safe to eat as well as other fish that are not caught in areas heavily laden with mercury.

Would gaining weight by means of healthy fats from foods like avocados and nuts remove mercury from the body?

There has not been any documented proof that healthy weight gain may be able to help. The additional weight in fat may be extra areas for the mercury to deposit into. Mercury may be removed medically and in most cases very effectively.

Having the right kind of knowledge about mercury poisoning can help when dealing with questions about this topic. Experts can help answer questions about the risks of acquiring mercury poisoning or what the mercury poisoning side effects may be. Get the answers quickly by asking an Expert today.
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