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Digital Camera Menu Problems

The menu button of a camera is used to view the different services offered by and on the camera. Faulty mechanisms, dust and extreme use are some of the reasons that camera menu buttons could experience problems. Camera menus can often seem hard to navigate and could raise multiple questions. Read below where questions on camera menus have been answered by Experts.

What could be wrong with a Sony DSC W300 having non-responsive Menu and Home buttons?

If the other camera buttons are working, the problem could be with the switch board (SW-563) or the connecting flexible ribbon wire, which are usually easily replaced. If the camera menu and home buttons remain non-responsive after pressing the flexible ribbon wire ends by plugging it correctly in SW-563 and Main board, replacement of the SW-563 board having all control switches is usually suggested.

How can one switch from English to Japanese in an EOS 40D camera?

The following steps might help.
1. Press the camera menu button.
2. Move using the right arrow to the Wrench icon with 2 dots.
3. Using the down arrow, move to 'Select Language', and the 3rd selection from the top.
4. Press Set.
5. Using arrows move up and left to ‘English’.
6. Press Set.

Why would the 'RAW capability' option be missing from the camera menu choices under 'Quality' in a Canon 300D with firmware version 1.1.1?

Usually, the RAW setting in the menu is available only when the camera is set to one of the primary modes - "M" Manual, "Av" Aperture value, "Tv" Time value or "P" Program, and the setting is disabled when the camera is set to scene modes or fully automatic(green box) modes.

What is the option in the camera menu to change the music played during a slideshow on a Sony Cyberhot 16.2?

The following steps may be useful.
1. Go into the slide show menu.
2. Between 'Continuous' and 'Slideshow with music’, select the latter.
3. Here there should be an option 'Select/Change music file'.

If a Vixia HF R20 camcorder is set to auto mode, but does not allow access to the menu function in the video mode, what could be the problem if it only brings up decoration and zoom modes?

Usually, the function menu can be accessed in "Manual" mode only, and not in "auto" mode, which can be changed using a selector switch on the left side of the camera.

Why would an EOS Canon 7D show the error message, "This menu cannot be displayed. External flash is attached" when there is no external flash attached?

Usually, there is a switch activated by a small plastic pin under one edge of the hot-shoe, which can get stuck in activated position, inside the top cover of cameras with built in flash that indicates if an external flash is attached to the camera. In such cases, the top cover can be removed and some alcohol and a cotton swab can be used to free up the pin. The other option would be to get the camera serviced.

How can I fix a non-functional camera menu button in a Power Shot SX10IS?

Using compressed air or electronics contact cleaner spray ONLY, blowing into the base or around the edges of the camera menu button might help.

How can someone navigate to the menu option, on a new Finepix S2900 series camera?

On powering on the camera for the first time, if a language selection dialogue is displayed, the Up and Down arrow keys can be used to select required language before pressing MENU/OK button to confirm. To set the date and time, the right and left arrow keys can be used to choose date or time fields, and the Up and Down arrow keys can be used to change the values of those fields, before pressing the MENU/OK button between the arrow keys to confirm.

If the language selection dialogue is not shown, the MENU/OK button is pressed. Then the Left arrow key is used to highlight a tab on the left side of the screen, after which the Up or Down arrow key is used to highlight the SET tab. Then, the Right arrow activates the Setup menu, the Up or down arrow is pressed to select DATE/TIME and then MENU/OK is pressed to proceed as above.

The battery charge status is indicated by a battery icon that appears only when the battery charge status is Low.

Camera menus can seem extensive depending on the model of the camera, and understanding these menus and the steps to use the camera features can be formidable at times. The hardware mechanism of the menu button has also been a cause for many concerns. In any case, the Experts can help answer questions on camera menus and attempt to solve your issues.
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