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Mental Abuse Related Questions

What is a psychotherapist who deals with mental abuse issues? Is one spouse's anger toward the other considered mental abuse? If you or a loved one is in a mentally abusive relationship, it may be hard to determine the best options in helping the abuser or getting out of the situation; an Expert may be able to assist you or your loved one. Read below where verified medical Experts answer these questions and more.

Is it considered mental abuse if one spouse occasionally calls the other spouse derogatory names?

Anything derogatory should never be used, as these words are purposely hurtful, even in the heat of a moment, but because it is only upon occasion and not a regular occurrence, this would technically not be considered emotional or mental abuse. Typically, emotional or mental abuse is systematic and meant to lower a person’s self-esteem and meant to control or manipulate a person over a long period of time. In this instance it seems the spouse uses these terms in the heat of the moment, and that the spouse may have anger control issues.

Is one spouse's anger toward the other considered mental abuse?

Case Details: Before marriage things were wonderful; two weeks after marriage, one spouse is ignoring the other, and won't touch the other, and when the other partner attempts to discuss the issues, the other partner becomes very angry.

Typically, when a significant other does not provide for the other’s wants and needs, and neglects the other, this is considered emotional abuse, rather than mental abuse. This type of treatment is not right, and not a sign of a healthy relationship. It is sad to that the husband’s behavior has changed so drastically. Marriage counseling should be considered to get to the depth of the situation.

What is a psychotherapist who deals with mental abuse issues?

A psychotherapist is a mental health professional, with a master or doctoral degree, who has education and training in psychological treatment. The most common form of psychotherapy used is “talk” therapy, but there are other forms of therapy used. Most psychotherapists work on exploring and identifying core issues, facilitating emotional processing and improved insight about difficult or painful experiences, and helps an individual develop coping, communication, social and other skills.

Does a Narcissist mentally abuse others?

Yes, a narcissistic person thinks the world revolves around him or her, and that he or she comes first all the time, lacks empathy for others, and life is basically all about him or herself, and can typically cause mental abuse.  Although not all narcissists exhibit all these traits and are mentally abusive. A narcissistic person can be very difficult to live with, and get along with personally or socially. Interestingly, this type of person may appear charming in his or her own element, the outside world or in the workplace.

What are some ways a spouse, who is mentally abused, can cope long enough to leave?

The abused spouse should spend as much time as possible away from the abuser.  The abused spouse should get out of the house, spend time around other people, and talk with other people who can counteract all the negativity brought on by the abuser. The abused spouse should stop verbally defending oneself.  Not only can a person not win with someone who is skilled at being abusive, but trying to defend oneself means that what the other person is saying has some validity when it doesn’t. When someone says abusive things, keep quiet and tell yourself that he or she has the problem and not you. The more a person does this the stronger he or she becomes.  The abused spouse should visualize leaving.  When falling asleep at night, the abused spouse should visualize handling all the things that are getting in the way of leaving the marriage. The abused spouse should visualize standing up to the abuser, making a good income on his or her own, not caring what family may think, and visualize being strong, worthy, and proud. The more a person can do this, the more real it will become. The abused spouse should create a strategy, and then be strong enough to implement. Finally, if possible the abused spouse should get some therapy, or find someone he or she can talk to for support and help in the important move of getting out of the bad situation.

Is mental abuse considered to be as damaging as physical abuse?

Yes, mental and emotional abuse can be just as traumatic as physical abuse.

Mental abuse can be detrimental to an individual. If you are in a situation in which you are being mentally abused, and are considering leaving, it can be quite scary. It is important to know where to turn for valuable information on how to best deal with the situation, and an Expert can help. Verified medical Experts can answer all you questions regarding mental abuse at your convenience.

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