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Connect one-on-one with an Expert

A family of three enjoys the benefits of a JustAnswer membership

JustAnswer membership: Your network of experts

Everyone relies on their network. His uncle is a lawyer. Her brother is a doctor. And they get free expert advice 24/7. Now it’s your turn. Now you have your own built-in network with a JustAnswer membership.

It’s like having your own family of experts on demand 24/7.

Doctors, Mechanics, Lawyers, Tech Specialists, Veterinarians, Appraisers & More.

A breakdown of the different kinds of experts who are available in a JustAnswer membership

What are my membership benefits?

All memberships come with a FREE 7-day trial (cancel anytime).

  • Faster answers in 30 minutes or less
  • Unlimited questions* in any category
  • Access to lawyers, doctors, vets, mechanics, tech specialists & more
  • Exclusive mobile app for anytime, anywhere access
  • Search instant answers in Expert database (premium only)

I paid for a question – does that make me a member?

No, paying for a question does not automatically make you a member. To become a member, you must click the “Start my free trial” button when you see the membership offer after paying for your first question. See if you are currently a member.

I’m not a member yet – how do I sign up?

After you ask your first question, you can sign up by clicking “Start my free trial” on the membership offer. View membership plans.

How much money do I save with a membership?

JustAnswer members save a lot of money by avoiding high-priced in-person services. For example...

  • Lawyers: The average in-person legal review costs $1,150 compared to only $70 to ask a lawyer on JustAnswer.
  • Veterinarians: The average visit costs around $100, compared to $25 to ask a veterinarian on JustAnswer.
  • Home Improvement: The average repair visit costs around $100, compared to $24 to ask an electrician or plumber on JustAnswer.
  • To see more about ways to save money, read about How much you can save using online Experts.

How much time do I save with a membership?

Save hours with your JustAnswer membership -- no more waiting rooms, driving across town, or wasting the day waiting for a repair person. Get expert answers from the comfort of your couch.

In fact, the national average wait time to see a doctor is currently 24 days and rising. JustAnswer guarantees your answer from a doctor (or any Expert) in less than 30 minutes.

JustAnswer Membership Plans

You can only sign up for a membership after you ask your first question. JustAnswer offers Basic, Plus, and Premium membership plans. Choose Basic if you only expect to ask a few questions. The Plus membership is the best value, offering unlimited questions in any category. You can even ask free questions for your family and friends. The JustAnswer Premium membership offers the same unlimited value, but also with instant help in the JustAnswer Expert database. All plans come with access to doctors, lawyers, mechanics, tech specialists, veterinarians, appraisers and more.

The JustAnswer membership offerings available to customers

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JustAnswer Membership details

  • Membership Benefits: Ask as many questions as you would like during the length of your membership, subject to the Fair Use Policy (described below).
  • Payment Terms: By signing up for a membership, you are authorizing JustAnswer to automatically charge a membership fee each month or year you are enrolled in a membership program to the payment source that you provide to JustAnswer (e.g. credit card, PayPal account). The monthly or yearly membership fee is refundable until the end of the membership period.
  • JustAnswer offers several different membership plans, all priced differently. To enroll in a JustAnswer membership, you must first post a question to the site. Once you've posted a question, you will have the opportunity to enroll into a Basic, Plus or Premium membership plan.
  • Your Right to Cancel or Sign Up for a New Membership: You have the right to cancel at any time. To cancel, when you are logged into your JustAnswer account, click on My Account on the top right of the page. Next, click on Membership. The Membership page shows subscription details and includes the option to cancel a membership and edit payment information.

*Fair Use Policy: Memberships are intended and authorized only for personal, non-transferrable, not-for-resale use only. Excessive use by any particular customer may impair JustAnswer’s ability to offer memberships at reasonable prices to other customers and/or indicate non-personal, transferred or resale use.

JustAnswer's Right to Cancel: Notwithstanding any other terms, JustAnswer reserves the right to cancel your membership or any membership program in its entirety at any time and for any reason, including but not limited to your excessive use (as determined by JustAnswer in its sole discretion). In the event that JustAnswer cancels a membership, it will refund the current month's or year’s membership fee.

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