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Diabetes Mellitus in Dogs

What is diabetes mellitus in dogs?

Diabetes mellitus may have two different types, type I may be explained as to where a dog’s pancreas may not be able to supply insulin to the body and type II may be the wrong reaction between cells and the insulin that is being created. Each of these may stop some organs and muscles to change glucose into energy in the blood. This may often cause an extreme amount of glucose within the dog’s blood which could make the dog sick or even cause death. For more information regarding diabetes mellitus in dogs such as, what are the signs of diabetes mellitus, how diabetes mellitus is diagnosed and if there is a cure for this condition. Read below where an Expert may answer many of these questions and more.

Do all dog that have diabetes mellitus develop cataracts? If so, is there a surgery to correct the cataracts?

Dogs that have diabetes mellitus typically develop cataracts within time; however, not all dogs have a severe enough case to cause the dog to go blind. There may be cases where a dog had cataracts that were so severe that the dogs eventually become blind. In those types of cases, there may be a surgical method that could help the dog’s condition. This may all depend on if the dog is a good enough candidate for the procedure, the standards for the surgery may be very strict.

Can a dog that has a blood sugar of 40 be given caro syrup to elevate the blood sugar level if so how much if the dog weighs 26 pounds?

In some situations, it may be safe to give a dog that has low blood sugar caro syrup; this may normally help raise the sugar level at a fast rate. The sugar level may then rise very quickly and in some cases a dog may need protein right after to help level out the sugar at a normal rate. Typically 1 or 2 teaspoons should do the trick, if the dog’s blood sugar has not risen after the second teaspoon the dog may need further assistance by a vet.

Could a 7 month old puppy have diabetes mellitus if the puppy is urinating frequently and seems to be thirsty a lot?

It may be unlikely that a seven month old puppy to have diabetes mellitus. Typically for a younger dog to have these symptoms, these symptoms may indicate kidney disease, a different type of infection or diabetes insipidus which is a different form of diabetes mellitus. However, some believe that the best way to be sure what is happening with the dog would be to have the dog seen by a vet. When these symptoms are described most likely a vet may want to run blood work or a urinalysis test.

What is the proper treatment for a dog that has diabetes mellitus? Is it safe for a dog to take human insulin? Can human insulin cause blindness in dogs?

eye sight if not treated properly.

Diabetes mellitus may be a very scary condition and something that may be difficult for a dog owner to cope with. In some situations, a dog owner may not realize how important it is for a dog to receive treatment on a steady basis. Some dogs may live a very long and healthy life if the medication is given properly. For more information over diabetes mellitus such as do dogs become more prone to sickness with this condition, can diabetes mellitus be transmitted from one dog to another and how is diabetes mellitus diagnosed, individuals may contact an Expert for these answers.
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