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Medical Reimbursement Rules

What is medical reimbursement?

Medical Reimbursement plans are set so an employer can pay back an employee for uninsured or health cost that has been made by an employee or the employees’ dependents. Although many companies may have a medical reimbursement plans that are tax deductable to the company many don’t have such a plan for many reasons.

Medical reimbursement policy questions are some of the most asked questions asked online and hiring a lawyer can be very time consuming and very expensive. The Experts are here to provide you with fast and affordable answers to most of your medical reimbursement questions. Read below the top five Medical Reimbursement Questions.

Is it legal for an employer to contact the health care provider regarding the employee setting money aside for medical reimbursement?

A healthcare provider may give out the information regarding bills being paid but they may not release any information dealing with health. That would violate doctor/patient confidentiality laws also known as Health Insurance Portability Accountability act (HIPAA).

Does an employer have to pay medical reimbursement if a person had submitted a medical expense for reimbursement form while they were employed at the company and is no longer employed there?

As long as the person was an employee at the company at the time the reimbursement forms were filled out then the company is entitled to pay the medical reimbursement. Otherwise the employee would have an unjust enrichment claim against the company.

Can an employee drop a flexible medical reimbursement package or a flexible spending account if the person has had a baby recently?

Under the rules of the IRS a person can't do anything to change the Flexible Spending Account (FSA) until the open enrollment period at which time a person may then decide if they want to keep or drop the flexible spending account.

If an employee was fired does the company they worked for have to pay medical reimbursement and other severance benefits?

An employer does not have to provide any kind of severance pay, allocated vacation time or any medical reimbursement unless it has been stated in the employees contract that the benefits would be payable at the time of termination. If a person would voluntarily resign their position at the company the former employee would not qualify for any unemployment benefits.

If an employee’s check stub shows a withholding abbreviated IRSHCR- what is this for and what does it mean?

The abbreviation stands for Internal Revenue Service Health Care Reform. This is money that is being deducted from the employee’s wages to place in an account called the Health Care reimbursement account, this provided reimbursement of eligible health care expenses that the employee may incur.

Medical reimbursement plans are made to provide an employee to receive payment for medical and health expenses from the company they work for during their time of employment. Many people are unaware of the medical reimbursement rules that may pertain to them and the Experts are there to give you affordable and fast insight to any of your questions about medical reimbursement.
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