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Treatment for Measles in Children

Measles is a respiratory infection that is caused by a virus. Some of its symptoms include fever, cough, running nose, red eyes and a generalized rash all over the body. It is a very contagious infection that is spread when people come in contact with the fluids of an infected person’s mouth or nose or through the air around the infected people. Though it is rare, children can also be infected with this condition and it can cause a lot of discomfort to them. Given below are some of the important questions about measles in children that have been answered by Experts.

Can measles cause mouth ulcers in children?

Measles may sometimes cause small ulcers and erosions that are associated with the infection in a child’s mouth. However, these ulcers will go along with the measles rash when the child recovers from the infection.

What are the side effects of a measles vaccine? Can a 21 month old baby get any adverse reactions on being vaccinated?

The measles vaccine is a live vaccine. As a result, it may cause adverse reactions in about 5 to 10% of the children who get vaccinated. The reactions include a fever of 103 degrees or higher which may occur between 6 and 12 days after the child gets the vaccine. The fever will last for about 2 to 5 days. Another side effect of the vaccine is a transient rash that looks like the measles rash. These side effects are not dangerous and may not require any kind of treatment. The parents may only give the child Tylenol or Motrin for comfort if required.

What are the chances of a child who has been vaccinated for measles contracting the infection?

Children who have already been vaccinated for measles will only have a 5% chance of contracting the infection. They will have 95% protection against the condition. However, the parents may look out for symptoms like nasal discharge, high fever, redness in the eyes and skin rashes in the child if he/she has been around someone who has the infection.

For how long is the measles infection ineffective?

Measles may remain ineffective for a period of 4 days before the rash begins and then for a period of 4 days after its onset.

Can a 4 year old child contract German measles if he/she has been in contact with a child who was suspected to have the infection?

If the 4 year old child was given the MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) booster vaccine, then he/she may not contract German measles. This vaccine is normally given to children between the age of 4 and 6 years.

Are there any drugs that kill the measles virus directly?

Measles is an exanthema type of illness that causes rashes on the skin. This virus may not kill anyone unless it affects the brain directly. Most deaths that are caused are due to secondary bacterial infections and not because of measles directly. There is a vaccine that can be used to prevent the onset of measles. This vaccine has been in use for a long period of time. However, there are no drugs that have been manufactured to directly kill the virus. Many research companies are conducting trials on various drugs but none of them have been made public yet.

Is it safe to repeat a measles and rubella vaccine 6 months after it was given?

The measles and rubella vaccine can be repeated 4 weeks after the first dose was given. Hence, it may be safe to give the child the dose again after 6 months of the first vaccination.

If an 11 month old had has been running a fever is now experiencing a rash on their body, where the doctor has diagnosed as the fake measles, how long will the fake measles take to go and what can be applied to it?

The fake measles may spread over the entire body and then subside in a week’s time. The parents need not give the child anything orally to treat it. However, they may apply calamine on the rash.

Measles these days is not considered to be a very dangerous infection if proper treatment and medications are provided to the patient. Children can easily contract this infection if they have not been vaccinated as their immune systems are not completely developed and they are still sensitive. If infected, children can become very restless and irritable due to the fever and rash that is caused by measles. As a parent or caregiver, you should be aware of the measles vaccine so that you can get your child vaccinated on time to prevent him/her from contracting the virus. You should also know what can be done to treat the child if he/she contracts the infection. You may ask an Expert if you have any questions about measles in children, its symptoms or treatment.
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