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Peugeot Master Cylinder Troubleshooting

Do you need to know if your brake problem is related to the master cylinder on your Peugeot? Have your brakes froze up and you need to know why? Brakes are the most important safety feature of your car and when they start to malfunction it is of utmost importance they fixed immediately. If you need any assistance at all, contact a verified mechanical Expert online for customized guided repair solutions. 

Read below where Experts have answered questions for other Peugeot owners. 

What is the purpose of the Master Cylinder?

A master cylinder is a sub-assembly comprising a fluid reservoir, piston and series of valves. Its function is to develop hydraulic pressure which is routed to the brake or clutch system to which it is connected. The pressure built up is further enhanced by a slave cylinder in the case of a clutch master cylinder and a brake booster in a braking system

Why is the clutch pedal of a Peugeot 206 soft and causing the gears to grind during a gear change?

It is possible that the clutch cable could have started to fray and has stretched. It may also be that it has become loose from where it joins the clutch fork or gearbox. In such situations, the clutch never fully releases resulting in grinding of gears during a gear shift. The solution is to replace the clutch cable. Another possibility is leakage of transmission fluid from around the clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder. This could cause the gears to grind because of low fluid level and consequent lack of pressure, but a defective clutch cable is the more likely issue.

Why does the clutch on a Peugeot Partner repeatedly fail?

When the clutch failed earlier, if a genuine Peugeot clutch replacement was installed, then a faulty clutch may be ruled out. This suggests that there is a problem in the hydraulic system, probably because of a defective master cylinder. If the fluid release/return is not working properly the clutch will always be under slight pressure causing premature wear which eventually leads to slippage.

Why does a Peugeot 206 suddenly lose transmission though the engine runs without a problem?

Case Details: Prior to this there was no instance of clutch slip or a burning smell.

At first glance this appears to be a gearbox or differential issue. In such cases, however, there is some earlier warning with difficulty in changing gears or strange noises during a gear change. Since there was nothing amiss and transmission has been lost suddenly the problem would be with the hydraulic system. Check the master cylinder and slave cylinder for signs of leakage or failure. If nothing appears to be wrong the gearbox may have to be removed for more detailed inspection. When this is done the clutch assembly can also be examined.

How to repair a fluid leak from the joint at the base of a clutch master cylinder?

This is a problem because whenever fluid leaks air is sucked in resulting in loss of pressure. Eventually, the clutch will go down to the floor without any resistance. The leak is generally at the pipe joint and the only solution is to replace it.

Why have a Peugeot 206’s brakes become hard and caused the warning light to come on?

Case Details: There is a hissing sound from under the passenger side.

The brake master cylinder and brake servo are on that side so it’s very possible that the hissing sound originates from a leaking servo. Another possibility is that on that side there is a small vacuum line which leads from the servo unit to inlet manifold which might have split or come off. It would seem that the servo is not working which is why the brakes have become hard. It’s not advisable to drive the car till the problem is resolved and the braking system set right.

Why do the brakes bind after the brake pedal is released?

The brake master cylinder may be defective. The spring inside the cylinder which pushes the piston back sometimes breaks and when this happens the force to reset the system is reduced causing the brakes to bind.

Troubleshooting master cylinder problems are normally not difficult if one knows about the clutch/braking system. But in the absence of such expertise the best way out is to ask an Expert for a customized solution. Verified mechanical Experts have years of experience and are available for your day or night.

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