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For most individuals, marriage is one of life’s most important decisions. It is a long term commitment and is one of the most legally binding relationships. Every marriage is governed by the marriage law in the state where the marriage takes place and brings with it legal rights and responsibilities. Since the laws can vary from state to state, doubts and questions about the legal aspects of marriage law in your state are bound to arise. Lawyers on JustAnswer receive and answer a number of questions about marriage law, like the ones below.

How is consummation legally defined regarding marriage and divorce law?

Consummation of marriage is generally considered to have happened when a married couple has sexual intercourse. However, any type of sexual activity other than regular intercourse is excluded. Anal or oral sex would not be considered sexual intercourse. In most cases, in order to get a marriage annulment, the marriage must not have been consummated. If it is, then the only way to end a marriage is usually through divorce.

Can first cousins marry legally?

There are a few states that recognize first cousin marriages, but the majority of the states do not. In most states, if first cousins have married, then the marriage should be annulled on the basis of the first cousin relationship legality clause. If your state of residence does not recognize a first-cousin marriage, then the annulment should also take place in the same state where the marriage took place.

Does Ohio recognize a marriage in Jamaica if both parties are residents of Ohio?

When you marry abroad, Ohio recognizes the marriage as valid as long as it is valid in the jurisdiction you were married in. In other words as long as your marriage is considered valid in Jamaica, it should be recognized as a legal and valid marriage in Ohio. It would be a good idea to register the marriage in your state of residence to further ensure that your marriage is legally recognized and registered. Without the marriage being recorded, there could be complications with divorce if there should ever be a need for it, since the marriage isn’t registered, and by extension, any future marriage would be automatically void because you never actually divorced from a lawful marriage.

If a UK citizen and a US citizen get married in California, are there any travel restrictions for either of them following the marriage?

After marriage, the UK citizen must file for a change of status to get a green card. Without filing this change in status, returning to the US may be a problem. The O type visa is considered a dual intent visa, so the traveling party can file for an adjustment of status to keep from jeopardizing the visa status. Once a green card with I-131 is filed, you may leave the US and return. International marriages can cause legal complications that can impact more than international travel. If you have specific questions about the legal implications of your international marriage, ask a family lawyer on JustAnswer for quick and affordable answers to your questions.

How would someone protect their assets before and during a marriage?

In order to protect assets that you have prior to marriage, you should get a prenuptial agreement. A prenuptial agreement is an agreement between two people that outlines the financial consequences of their marriage ending. Given the high legal fees and stress involved in a divorce, the frequency with which relationships end nowadays, and peoples’ increasing financial sophistication and independence, a prenuptial agreement can benefit just about everyone. Drawing up and filing a prenuptial agreement can either be very simple or complicated depending on the financial complexity involved. In many situations, it may be a good idea to consult a marriage law attorney. If you are not sure whether you need an attorney while drawing up your pre-nuptial agreement, you can ask marriage law experts on JustAnswer.

Marriage law covers many aspects of a marriage including the financial, contractual, regional, and many other aspects of a marriage. The law recognizes and addresses most of the potential legal issues and complications that a marriage can have. However, most individuals are unaware of these provisions, and consulting an attorney for every doubt and question can be an expensive undertaking. Bringing your doubts and questions to family lawyers on JustAnswer can be a cost-effective way to get answers to your marriage law questions quickly.
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