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Mandatory Overtime Law

What is mandatory overtime?

Mandatory overtime is involuntary overtime that the employer requires the employees to work more than the standard work week. The normal work week often is forty hours, and any hours more can be considered overtime. Some employees like the opportunity to volunteer to work more hours. On the other hand when employees are forced to work to else facing termination, then it’s no longer a voluntary action. Read below where the Legal Experts on JustAnswer have provided legal answers regarding to mandatory overtime questions.

In the state of Minnesota can an employer force someone to work mandatory overtime on Sunday?

In the state of Minnesota there is no state or federal law about overtime, what days can be worked, etc. If they have a religious belief that they can’t work on Saturday or Sunday, then the employer needs to provide accommodation in a non-discriminatory way. If there is no religious belief then the employer can require someone to work any hours or days that they need them.

In the state of Kentucky can an employer penalize their employee for not working overtime on their day off?

An employer can require that their employee work overtime. If they are an hourly employee, the employer must pay them time and a half for the overtime that they have worked. Also, an employer can penalize them for not working overtime or not working on their days off when needed.

In the state of Tennessee is it illegal to require mandatory overtime?

In Tennessee an employer can require employee to work overtime. If the employee is an exempt salary employee, an employer must obey with the wage and hour regulations and pay the employee time and a half of their employee’s regular pay for all the hours that they have worked over forty hours a week.

In the state of Kansas pertaining to mandatory overtime does the employer have to pay two and a half times the normal salary?

The state of Kansas requires that if someone has worked over forty-six hours in one week they be paid one and a half times the employee’s normal rate. The federal law requires that hours worked over forty in one week they must be paid one and a half their normal rate. The federal law controls and an employee must earn one and a half times their normal rate for each hour they have worked over forty hours in a week.

In the state of Minnesota are employers required to give at least a twenty-four hour notice for mandatory overtime?

There is no law in the state of Minnesota that requires the employer to give an advanced notice for mandatory overtime. If they have written employment contact with their employer, they many need to see that if it gives the employer any additional obligations regarding mandatory overtime.

Under the Employment Law it allows employers and employees to agree to the terms of the employment in a written contract, and one of those terms can agree to stick to work hour limits and overtime pay. Consult an Expert regarding to mandatory overtime questions.
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