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Malpractice Insurance

What is malpractice insurance? Malpractice insurance provides financial protection to professionals in case they are sued for malpractice. Most of the times, it is bought by people in the medical profession, though it may cover individuals in other professions as well. Given below are some questions that have been answered by Experts about malpractice insurance.

Would it be possible to sue an attorney who does not have malpractice insurance if he/she files for bankruptcy?

If the attorney does not have malpractice insurance and files for bankruptcy, an individual may not be able to get any kind of settlement from him/her if he/she includes the lawsuit in the bankruptcy.

Can an individual’s malpractice insurance policy be cancelled without prior notice?

There is no rule that prohibits an insurance company to cancel an individual’s malpractice insurance without prior notice. Hence, it may be possible to cancel it without informing the individual.

Would an individual’s retirement account, car and home be affected if he/she does not have malpractice insurance and is currently being sued by someone?

An individual’s retirement account and home may not be affected if he/she is sued for malpractice. However, the individual’s car may be subject to a lien.

Would a chiropractor be liable for any claims if the individual subleases his/her suite to another chiropractor who does not have malpractice insurance?

A chiropractor may not be liable for any claims if he/she were to sublease his/her suite to another chiropractor as long as the other person does not work with him/her and has his/her own entity and own set of clients. The individual may get the other chiropractor to sign a document stating that he/she does not work with this individual as proof in case of a lawsuit in the future.

Can a lawyer without insurance be sued for malpractice?

A lawyer who does not have insurance may also be sued for malpractice. In such a situation, if the lawyer loses the lawsuit, he/she may be personally liable. The individual may then place a lien on any personal property that the lawyer may have to satisfy the judgment. The individual may also file a complaint against the lawyer with the state bar.

How can an individual get a bonded and medical malpractice insurance?

An individual may have to consult an experienced insurance agent in order to get medical malpractice insurance. The agent may have to be familiar with the requirements that are needed to be eligible for the insurance.

Is it required to tell an insurance carrier about an old Driving Under the Influence (DUI) conviction?

Most of the times, an individual’s insurance rates and premiums may be increased if the individual has informed the carrier about an old DUI conviction. However, if this individual has deliberately withheld information from the agency, the policy may be rendered void if the agency found out later.

Being sued for malpractice can lead to major financial losses if you do not have insurance coverage. Malpractice insurance may have a lot of legal aspects that may be difficult for a common person to understand. You may take the help of an Expert if you plan to buy malpractice insurance or have any other questions about it.
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