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Major Depressive Disorder Treatment

What is major depressive disorder?

Major depressive disorder is also known as clinical depression. It can damage the nerve impulses that carry messages from the brain to the muscles. The signals to all parts of the body may slow down when an individual is suffering from major depression. This condition can affect the individual’s memory, problem solving ability, language, and opinion and will be with nervous tension, anxiety and intense fatigue. It may also cause pain and aches. People who have major depressive disorder may have many questions about its symptoms and treatment. Given below are some of the important questions about major depressive disorder that have been answered by different Experts.

What are some of the common causes of major depressive disorder?

Some of the causes of major depression include thyroid hormone abnormality, vitamin B12 deficiency, chronic pain, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, problems with the kidneys, hearts, lungs, epilepsy, migraine and brain injury. Malnutrition or brain damage may worsen the depression. Occasionally, medication or the use of alcohol may also worsen the person’s depression.

Are there any alternatives to Abilify to treat major depression?

An alternative to Abilify to treat major depressive disorder may be Quetiapine. It may be helpful to control depression and mood swings. This medication may have certain side effects like nausea and vomiting. Some patients may feel sedated and may also gain weight.

What are the symptoms of bipolar II with major depressive disorder and how can it be treated?

The common symptoms of bipolar II with major depressive disorder are mood swings ranging from depression to extreme happiness. Occasionally, the individual may be able to go without sleep for several days and still feel good. The individual may have to visit a psychiatrist and get proper medications to treat the condition. Since the condition is a biological issue, it may not be cured from counseling.

How long will a bout of depression last in major depressive disorder?

How long depression could last can depend on whether the individual has been treated for it or not. If the individual does not take treatment, he/she may stay depressed for a longtime. If he/she takes an antidepressant, he/she may come out of the depression sooner. If the medication is combined with weekly therapy, the individual will remain depressed for the shortest period of time when compared to the others.

What can an individual with major depressive disorder do to stay energized during workouts without taking caffeine?

To stay energized during workouts, an individual with major depression may try to work out early in the morning if possible. Exercising in the late hours of the day may interfere with the individual’s sleep and increase the depression and feelings of anxiety. He/she may also try to substitute caffeine to stay energized during the workout with a drink called Beyond Tangy Tangerine.

What are the side effects of medications and ECT used in the treatment of major depressive disorder? What would be a better treatment choice for the condition?

Major depressive disorder may often be treated with the help of medications and ECT (electroconvulsive therapy). However, both medicines and ECT may have some side effects. The common side effects of ECT are memory loss, change in motivation, and clarity of thought and personality traits. The medications may also cause damage to the liver and kidneys.

One may try cognitive behavioral therapy instead of ECT and medications to treat major depression.

Living with constant anxiety and depression is not easy. If you are suffering from major depressive disorder, your day-to-day activities may also get affected to a great extent. Frequent episodes of depression may leave you with many questions about how to deal with it, how to control it and whether it can be cured completely or not. You may speak to an Expert at such times and get all the information you need about major depressive disorders.
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