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Maine Coon Cat Care

What is a Maine Coon cat?

Maine Coon cats are one of the largest breeds of cats and the oldest in the United States. A Maine Coon is known not only for its size but also its long fluffy coat, feet size and thick tail. This breed is incredibly muscular and weighs anywhere around 9 to 18 pounds. It's a myth that the Maine Coon reaches 30 pounds at full maturity. If a Maine Coon weighs this much, it would be extremely overweight. Maine Coons do not typically meow like most cats. These cats are normally very quiet and in the instance the cat were to vocalize, it tends to sound like a chirping noise.

What is Maine Coon cat care?

A Maine Coon usually has a thick, bushy coat that is smooth when handled. Caring for a Maine Coon is usually fairly simple. This type of cat may not experience mats very often. The cat's coat may only require to be combed once a week to eliminate dead strands of hair. This helps prevent hairballs in the cat’s throat when bathing itself. Nail trimming can be very important, as this should be done around every two weeks. Trimming a Maine Coons nails prevents damage to one's house and splitting in the cat's pads.

Maine Coon cats can be more susceptible to periodontal disease; which means a cat’s dental care could be important to its health. There are several vet recommended toothpastes that could be used in order to brush a Maine Coons teeth at home. Another way to keep up on dental health for a Maine Coon is frequent veterinary dental cleanings.

For more information regarding Maine Coon cat care, read below where frequently asked questions have been answered by an Expert.

What could cause a Maine Coon to be vomiting, diarrhea, howling and weight loss over a period of time? How could this be cared for?

Typically when a Maine Coon uses its voice in a howling manner this may be due to the cat being in some sort of pain. Considering the cat is experiencing gastrointestinal problems and weight loss, this could often be signs of hyperthyroid disease. This may be where a cat’s thyroid is overworked, normally this condition may be found in older cats. The Maine Coon may need to be taken to the veterinarian in order to have blood work done to determine what is exactly is wrong with the cat. After the vet has diagnosed the cat, treatment may begin. There are several different medications that could treat hyperthyroid disease, so the Maine Coon may live a long and happy life.

What could cause a Maine Coon to suddenly start licking itself to the point the cat has bumps and dry skin? How could this be treated?

Maine Coons may often start licking themselves in order to try and care for their coat. On the other hand, dry skin and bumps may be from excessive licking, this could often be caused for a number of different things. The Maine Coon may suffer from dermatitis or a skin infection. If a small infection is present in a Maine Coons skin, this could often cause the cat to lick in order to try and relieve the irritant. In some cases, the licking may be more of harm than helpful. A veterinarian may be able to prescribe a topical medication in order to help resolve the issue. Typically, the main concern may be stopping the cycle of irritating, the irritated areas so that the cat’s skin can heal.

How does an individual care for a Maine Coon cat that has an upper respiratory infection?

A Maine Coon may be cared for in the same way that a standard cat would that has an upper respiratory infection. Typically, as long as the cat is eating, drinking, and playful and is not experiencing vomiting the cat may be cared for at home. However, if the cat is experiencing yellowish green discharge from the eyes or nose, vet attention may be required. It may be safe to leave the Maine Coon in the bathroom while the hot water is left on in the shower. This could resemble a humidifier and may clear up the cat’s respiratory issues.

Maine Coon cat care is usually simple -- especially the grooming, since these cats do not need much grooming attention. Typically a Maine Coon can be cared for just like other cats when they become sick. Cat owners are bound to have questions regarding Maine Coon cat care such as, is it necessary to bathe a Maine Coon or what could happen if a Maine Coon is not cared for properly. These questions and many others can be answered by asking an Expert.
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