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Magnavox LCD TV Questions

Magnavox is well known for its consumer electronics, out of which the LCD TV sets seem to be the most popular ones amongst its customers. Magnavox LCD TV sets provide high definition display with widescreen features, clear pix engine plus technology and smart sound control technology. These help the viewers enjoy an excellent and crisp quality of picture along with a digitally enhanced sound system. However, it is not uncommon for these sets to have problems. Few of them are blurry picture, no sound, locked channels, occasional shut offs and so on. When these issues arise, many times they are easily fixed by troubleshooting. However often TV set owners do not know where to turn for help troubleshooting. Below are frequent asked questions on issues relating to Magnavox LCD TV sets that have been answered by the Experts.

What can be done if the volume of a Magnavox LCD TV will not go up or down while using a universal remote? I cannot have the volume of my Magnavox LCD TV go up or down using my remote control. I have purchased a universal remote but it does not work as the proper codes are not available to me for them to work. What should I do?

In this case, the problem seems to be with the universal remote. Universal remotes are made to perform some basic functions on the TV and therefore, are not specific to any TV model or its functions. That is why this remote is failing to adjust the volume on the TV. Thus, in order to resolve this issue, all you would need is an original remote for your TV set. The best thing to do would be to purchase the original remote for this model.

What could cause a Magnavox LCD TV not to power up and once the TV is turned on the green light flashes for a while and then turns into orange?

Most likely, the power supply board inside the TV has gone bad. Usually, if one or more capacitors on the power supply board become defective then it is likely such issues may arise. The capacitors typically fail after being used over a certain length of time. Sometimes, replacing the entire board might be the best option.

Could a blown fuse cause a Magnavox LCD TV to fail to power up, no standby LED, no clicking sound when the unit is plugged in?

In some cases a blown fuse could cause the issues described. If the fuse is not what caused the problem, the power supply board or the main board could be the reason for non connection. Sometimes, you may have trouble watching your Magnavox LCD TV. The problem could either be related to audio or video. In that kind of a situation, it’s always better to perform a troubleshooting and help yourself cure the problem without spending much money on a professional repair. Alternately, if this fails to cure the problem, then you would probably need to hire a technician. If you need clarification about your specific situation with respect to issues related to Magnavox LCD TV sets, you may ask a TV Technician Expert to evaluate your case details and provide a technical insight.
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