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Macro Lens Related Questions

Do you want to know how to install and remove macro lens? Or, do you want to know what causes the camera to stop working after macro lens are attached? These lens are used for extreme close-up photography, typically of very small objects or subjects. It is essential in taking particular types of pictures and plays a key role in the quality of the photograph attempting to be taken. You may have questions on how to install and use the macro lens optimally or get answers to the other questions related to these lens. Verified Experts can provide assistance and guidance on this subject.

Read below where Experts have answered a few questions about macro lens.  

Can Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 macro lens be used on a Canon G12 Powershot camera?

It is not possible to mount a Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 macro lens on a Powershot G12 because this particular model's lens is not detachable to allow it. The Canon 100mm f/2.8 macro lens can be installed on a DSLR camera or a camera with interchangeable lens, such as an EOS Rebel, where one lens detaches completely to allow for another to be mounted. There are ‘tele-converters’ made for this camera which can accomplish a similar result. The adapter and tele-converter is specifically made for the G12 model and both need to be purchased.

How are the telephoto and macro lens installed on a Rebel T3i?

The macro and the telephoto are two completely different and separate lenses and cannot fit onto the existing 15-55mm lens. To attach one of these lenses, first the 15-55mm lens need to be removed. Next, press the lens in and rotate it counter-clockwise. It should rotate approximately 30 degrees and separate from the camera's body. To place the new lens, locate the white dot on the lens and a white dot on the T3i, align them and rotate the lens clockwise until it clicks into position. If the lens available are not complete ones which attach and detach as described above, they could be ‘screw-on’ lenses that attach to the filter screw thread at the end of the 18-55mm lens. You need to check the end of the 'real' lens to locate a fine thread that is normally used to attach a skylight filter to protect the lens from getting damaged. The two extra lenses need to be screwed on to those threads.

After purchasing a Tamron 180mm macro lens, why is it unable to attach onto the Canon Xsi Rebel?

This is not a situation where an error may be occurring while attaching the macro lenses. Though the lens is compatible with the Canon Rebel, it requires an adapter which goes from the Nikon ‘F’ connection and the lens have to be on the Canon EOS body. Usually, the adapter is easily available at a camera store.

How to remove the macro lens from the EF-S 18-55mm IS SLR lens?

The macro lens attachment is mounted on the filter thread similar to most lenses and ideally it can be removed by easily rotating it counter-clock wise. Sometimes this can be difficult to do if the lens has been screwed on too tight. To remove it, first try vigorously by hand. If this doesn't help, a ‘lens filter wrench’ can be brought online or from a camera store. Sometimes, jar cap openers (if they are the right type and size) available in kitchen supply department stores, can also do the trick. Though using excess force can damage the lens or camera, the lens has to come out in this manner.

What causes the Pentax istD to stop working suddenly when the Tamron 90mm macro lens are attached to it?

This problem can happen when the contacts between the macro lens and the body get dirty, preventing a seamless connection. To improve the situation and eliminate the problem, the contacts should be cleaned with alcohol and a cotton swab. If this action does not help, it could be an electronic issue with the main circuit board of the lens where its software needs to be reprogrammed. This needs to be carried out at a Pentax authorized repair facility.

Are macro lenses useful to attach on a Canon EOS Rebel T2i to photograph flat art work?

The standard kit lens is quite good, however, if this produces some curves in the images, macro lens are necessary and the EF 50 F/2.5 compact macro lens are a good option.

Reading through the above article, you get a sense of some of the questions and problems people have related to the macro lens of the camera. Majority of the time, it may be possible for the user to troubleshoot and handle any problems on their own if they have guidance from camera Experts online. If you wish to ask your specific macro lens related question, contact Experts online, to get answers quickly and reasonably, from the comfort of your home.

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