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BMW M3 Problems

What is a BMW M3?

BMW is a car maker that is renowned for its technical and engineering brilliance and for making cars that set benchmarks in performance, safety and construction quality. The BMW M3 is among the company’s most popular models. It is a sports sedan that combines the comforts of a large sedan with the performance and handling of a sports car. Like all sophisticated cars, BMW M3s can develop problems and Experts on JustAnswer have provided answer to a wide variety questions on the BMW M3.

Which offers lower maintenance costs and driving experience, the BMW M3 or a Audi S4?

Maintenance costs for a BMW M3 are typically slightly higher than for the Audi but the difference is minimal. A far as the driving experience goes, the BMW M3 seems to be the most popular. .

What could be the problem if a manual transmission on a 1997 BMW M3 is slow shifting and slams into gear, and then stops shifting up and down?

. The problem could be due to the transmission control unit or a mechanical issue in the transmission itself. You can try resetting the control unit by turning the key to the 2nd position (one step before starting) and pressing the accelerator to the floor for 2 minutes. Disconnect the battery and leave it that way for an hour. If this does not resolve the problem, you should have the software level checked and get a fault memory readout of the transmission to find the cause. This will tell you if it’s a simple solenoid or sensor issue or a mechanical problem which may require the car being taken to a workshop.

Where can someone have a electrical issue looked at for a BMW M3 car if a aftermarket exhaust with a wiring toggle switch was installed on a 2009 BMW M3 and now there are electrical issues.

The only authorized and certified place to work on your car is the authorized dealer. However, there are many independent workshops that often have the expertise to fix a BMW M3 and many other types of vehicles.

What could be the reason a 2005 BMW M3 with an S54 engine and a 6 speed manual transmission with 87,000 miles, would shudder at idle and low acceleration along with the “Service Engine Soon” light comes on?

The warning you see is an indication of an engine control system problem. If the light is steady, the cause may be high engine or evaporative emissions probably caused by a misfire which will account for the symptoms you describe. A blinking light indicates a severe problem that can lead to component damage. A misfire causes unburned fuel to pass into the catalytic converter. The converter does burn off unburnt hydrocarbons, but not in the amount that a misfire causes. This will cause the converter to overheat and get damaged. Misfires are common for the year and model BMW M3 you own. The most likely cause is a failed coil which is easy to replace. Coils are very delicate and the removal and replacement should be done very carefully. A stressed coil can fail prematurely If the warning light remains on, it should be cleared with a scanner. If the poor performance remains, get the car checked for some other problem.

How do I fit a Thule Rapid Aero roof rack on my 2011 BWM M3? The flaps stick straight up and prevent the rack fitting flush to the roof.

The original BMW M3 rack fits with the covers folded up. With this model rack you will need pop or pry them out if the flaps in the open position prevent proper fitment.

When trouble shooting problems or fitting for BMW M3 parts and accessories, it is best to follow the instruction given in the owner’s annual. Improper repairs or modifications can make the car unsafe to drive. If the manual does not have the information you need, it is advisable to get the help of Experts to resolve any issues you may have with your BMW M3.
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