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Lyme Vaccine for Dog

What is Lyme vaccine in dogs?

There are not many diseases that have a vaccine that is not only safe for dogs but effective; the main one is Lyme vaccine. The main thing that causes a dog to get the disease is ticks; they are the number one carrier of Lyme disease. You can get the Lyme vaccine at most local vets; but in most cases you may need to keep up on the dogs boosters for the vaccine to be effective. For more information you can read below where the Experts have answered many questions about Lyme vaccines.

What are symptoms a dog can have after getting a Lyme vaccine? What can help the dog be more comfortable?

Normally if the dog was having a serious reaction to the vaccination the dog may not be able to breathe, this is most likely to happen within minutes after the vaccine was given. So most if your dog is having any symptoms then it could be considered as a mild reaction. The most common symptoms/reactions from a Lyme vaccine are pain at the injection area, a small bump also around the injection site; there may be itching, diarrhea, itching, and even red skin. If your dog is having any of these symptoms or reactions you may want to try Benadryl to calm the dog’s reaction down. If that does not help you may need to contact a Vet so that the dog can be started on steroids to help with the symptoms.

My dog is falling over convulsing on the floor and then is fine a few minutes later, the dog had a tick bite, but was given a Lyme vaccine 5 days ago. Could this be from the Lyme vaccine?

Most likely the Lyme vaccine is not the cause, it more sounds as if you dog may be having seizures. If the seizure your dog is having last more than 5 minutes this can cause severe consequences. There can be fluid in the lungs or brain damage. If your dogs’ internal temperature spikes too high this could be very harmful to your dog; your dog’s organs can start to shut down. The main causes of seizures are but not limited to exposure to toxins, a brain tumor, or low blood sugar and many more things can cause seizures. To find out why your dog may be having seizures you can have a vet run blood work and scans to find the problem.

If the first Lyme shot was given but the vet did not give the booster can the booster still be given?

The first vaccine purpose is to awaken the dog’s immune system to the threats to a dog’s body. The booster shot is given to create a protection against infection that enters the body. A dog that does not have its booster shots can have a weaker immune system, which can cause the dog to become sick more often. You do have a couple of options for the Lyme vaccine and booster shots. The first option is to start the vaccination process over, this means you will have to give your dog another Lyme vaccine and then follow with the booster shots in 1 month for the Lyme vaccine. The second thing you can do is go ahead and give the dog the booster shots. Your last option is to wait until the next year when the dog is ready for its yearly boosters.

My dog had a Lyme vaccine and now the injection site has a baseball sized lump at the injection site this all happened around 36 hours after the shot. Is this an allergic reaction?

This is most likely not an allergic reaction; allergic reactions are more commonly found in the face and chest. There is usually swelling in the face and could be hard for the dog to breathe and in some cases there are hives, or itching in the area. In many cases an allergic reaction happens very soon rather than 36 hours after the injection. Normally the symptoms start showing within a few hours after the vaccine is given. This more sounds as if your dog is suffering from an abscess; an abcess occurs because the needle pushes through the good bacteria that are in the skin. The bad bacteria are able to get under the skin because it is warm and moist.

Vaccines for a dog are very important to the dos health. Many owners do not realize how serious this can be many dogs every year die due to the fact of not having vaccines. Lyme disease can be very harmful to a dog; it can cause death to a dog very quickly. If you need more information on Lyme vaccine for dogs you can contact the Experts for fast and affordable answers.
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