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Lung Disease Questions

Do you have a Lung Disease? Do you need to know different types of Lung Diseases? Do you know the treatment for Lung Diseases? An Expert can shed light on this subject. When questions like these arise, Experts should be contacted to find professional answers.

What are lung diseases?

Lung disease is one of the most common conditions in the world. A lot of people suffer from lung diseases such as infections, smoking, and different genetics are even responsible for some lung disease. Lung disease can cause issue with many different systems in the body.

What lung disease affects a person’s airways?

The windpipe (trachea) divides off into smaller tubes called bronchi. These tubes will turn into even smaller tubes in the lungs. There are several lung disease that can affect the airways, these can include but are not limited to:

Asthma: This condition can cause the airway to consistently be inflamed. Wheezing and sporadic spasms and shortness of breath. Allergies, pollution or an infection can trigger asthma.

COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease): This is a lung disease that stops an individual from exhaling properly; which causes trouble breathing. This can cause a chronic dry cough. • Emphysema: A condition that traps air in the lungs.

Cystic Fibrosis: This is a genetic condition that doesn’t allow mucus to release from the bronchi tubes. This can cause an infection in the lungs.

For more information read below where Experts have answered several frequently asked questions.

Is there any holistic remedies for Black lung disease?

There are not any holistic remedies for Black lung disease. However there are many supplements that can help. N-Acetylcysteine can help reduce the chronic symptoms. L-Carnitine can also be used. Vitamin E can ease scar tissue in the lungs. There are several herbs such as lobelia, ginseng and mullein, which can help improve lung function. It can be important to have a healthy diet and exercise agenda. There is also Pulmonary Rehab programs that can help decrease symptoms.

What is Interstitial Lung Disease?/

Interstitial lung disease can be one of many different lung diseases. These types of lung diseases affect the interstitium or better known as the tissues and space around the air sacs. This can be caused by inhaled substances, drugs, tissue disorders, infections, extreme scaring and cancer. Normally when there is significant damage to the interstitium, for the lung disease the damage will be permanent.

What is Restrictive Lung Disease and what is the treatment for this condition?

Restrictive Lung Disease is a condition where there is a loss of expansion and an increase of lung stiffness. The loss of lung volume can be from the covering of the lung or a change in the lung parenchyma. Generally when this type of problem occurs these are not reversible. There are some medications that can be helpful such as Corticosteroids, Cytotoxic and immunosuppressive agents. Normally Corticosteroids are used for treatment over the others.

Lung Diseases can be complicated and scary for individuals. These types of diseases can affect the function of the lungs. This can cause several questions for individuals. For more information about Lung Disease contact an Expert.
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