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Chevy Lumina Troubleshooting

Is your Chevy Lumina giving you starting problems? Are you worried about unusual noises and vibrations? These and other problems could have many causes and a correct diagnosis is required to ensure that the right repairs are carried out. The best way to be certain that the right solutions are applied is to obtain the guidance of verified mechanical Experts.

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Why does the engine of a 1997 Chevy Lumina crank but not start for about 20 minutes if it is hot?

Case Details: If it is restarted immediately after being turned off, it fires up fine. Once started, there are no problems. No warning lights are on.

A problem like this could have many causes and a scan is the only way to access the stored fault codes that will point to the cause. That being said, a faulty crank sensor is a common cause for this problem. If defective, they can break down under heat and result in a no start condition. Once they cool off, the engine will fire up and there will be no problems time the next shut down. However, a scan is required to confirm this.

What could cause the headlights on a Chevy Lumina to dim and then go out completely and the dash lights to all blink when the vehicle was restarted?

This appears to have the signs of a voltage issue. The starting and charging system should be checked. Many large auto parts stores will do this for free. A failing alternator is a common reason for the symptoms described.

What could cause a loud hum and vibration to come from the front of a 1996 Chevy Lumina only when it is in reverse and what is the labor time?

This is probably an issue of a bad motor and/or transmission mount. The transmission case may be making contact with the sub frame when the vehicle is put in reverse. Inspect the mounts to see if there is rubber missing at the center where the bolt goes through. The labor for replacing the two motor mounts is about 2.5 hours and for replacing the transmission mount it is about one hour.

What is involved in replacing the transmission on a 1998 Chevy Lumina 3.1L and is it a job that can be done at home?

To replace the transmission the engine will have to be supported, the transmission disconnected from the engine, the lower frame disconnected and the frame and transmission lowered from the vehicle as one unit. The transmission will then have to be separated from the frame. The procedure will have to be reversed for installing the new transmission. Because of the complexity of the job and the tools required, it is something that is best done at a shop or dealer.

What could cause a 1997 Chevy Lumina 3.2L to crank but not start (no spark) even though there is good power and ground and a new ignition module?

With no power or ground issues and a new ignition module, the most likely cause of a no spark condition is faulty 7X crank sensor. It is located at the lower rear of the engine, near the firewall. Also check the two wire connector from the ignition module that runs done the back of the engine. These wires are known to break and cause this kind of problem. If the wires are okay, replace the crank sensor.

Why is a 1990 Chevy Lumina with 173,000 miles suddenly hard to start and when it does fire, for it to die after a few seconds?

Case Details: The coils and plugs are new. There are no warning lights. It will not start with starting fluid.

Since starting fluid does not help, a fuel issue can be ruled out. With new coils and plugs, what remains as the likely cause of the problem is a faulty ignition control module that is killing the injector pulse. Replacing the module should solve the problem.

What could cause a 1996 Chevy Lumina V6, 3.1L with an automatic transmission and 105,000 miles hesitate when down shifting when the engine is cold?

Case Details: The problem disappears once the engine warms up. No warning lights are on and no codes have been stored. The transmission fluid is full, filter has been changed and the pan is clean.

In view of the tests already done and the absence of warning lights, coupled with the fact that the problem is only with a cold engine, issues with the valve body, the shift solenoid or a sticking valve are a strong possibility. On a vehicle with this mileage it is possible that debris in the system is affecting the operation of the components. Have a transmission flush performed with the use of a cleaning fluid. Once that is done, drain out all the old fluid and replace it with fresh fluid. Also change the filter again as the flushed out debris may now be trapped in it. If this does not fix the problem, the transmission should be inspected by a specialist shop and the defective parts replaced.

Why does a 1997 Chevy Lumina not start with the keys that came with the new ignition lock cylinder?

Case Details: The security light is flashing.

The original key had a chip in it that the system must recognize before the vehicle will start. The new keys do not have the correct chip. The only solution is to go to a GM dealer with proof of ownership and the VIN and to cut a key that matches the new lock cylinder with the chip from the replacement key in it. Alternatively, a new lock cylinder with keys can be installed by the dealer who will do the required programming.

Identifying the nature of the Chevy Lumina problem you face is critical to ensuring that the vehicle is repaired properly. This often requires professional knowledge. Going to a shop for this takes time and money. A better and more economical solution is to get the insights and opinions of verified mechanical Experts from your home. You can do this by going online, when convenient to you, and asking for guided and customized answers to your questions.

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