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Are low price guns worth investing in?

Everyone loves a bargain, but how can you tell if a low price gun is a worthwhile investment?

Everyone loves a bargain, and given how expensive firearms can be, it’s natural to wonder if targeting the lowest possible prices is a viable course of action. However, even the sale-hunters among us need to keep in mind just how big a decision a gun purchase can be. It’s an important choice, which should never be made without first taking careful consideration. And although the cost of a weapon will always be a concern, it should never be the key driving factor behind a purchasing decision.

So are low price guns trustworthy? The answer varies based on a number of factors, but ultimately, it will come down to your knowledge and preparation. The more you know about gun values and purchasing, the less likely you end up making a purchase you’ll eventually come to regret.

Factors to consider when making a gun purchase

Although it is the rare gun enthusiast who won’t look into low price guns when available, a price tag that seems to be too low for the attached weapon is often a warning sign. If the cost looks too good to be true, it probably is! Guns that typically cost more will only end up with an unusually low asking price if there’s something wrong with them. Beyond that, some other guidelines to keep in mind include:

  • If you’re purchasing a gun from a company, be sure they have a history of providing strong warranties and customer service to buyers. Research their policies to confirm, if needed.
  • When buying guns online, give priority to established, reputable websites. Purchasing from individuals online comes with certain risks, which you can offset by operating with caution. This means obtaining and verifying the seller’s information, as well as ensuring that payments are made to them and not to another entity.
  • Face-to-face sales can be dangerous, unless it’s a transfer through a website. To counteract the various things that can go wrong, be sure to conduct business in public areas, or places with surveillance cameras.
  • Always operate with a full understanding of local gun laws. Your location matters, so be sure to brush up on laws in your area if you relocate for any reason.

Evaluating a used gun’s condition before purchasing

Even if you’re not a gun expert, or even much of an aficionado, you can still perform an examination of your own before making a decision. In fact, when it comes to used firearms, it’s a good idea to avoid agreeing to any terms if you’re not given the opportunity to look the item over beforehand.

Any seller that doesn’t let you do so is hiding something – making the transaction a risk you probably don’t want to take. Items to consider when you’re looking over a used gun include:

  • Exterior finish – Look out for cracks, pits, wear and tear on the holster, and signs of rust. Minor cases are probably fine, but severe symptoms could indicate other issues.
  • Upgrade installations – If the weapon has extras, like rail systems or muzzle devices, make sure they were added correctly. Check for any loose parts, and ensure that all components are functional.
  • Screws and fittings – If you see scratches around screws and connections, it means the gun was likely taken apart by someone lacking the necessary expertise.
  • Controls – Take some time to check that the various controls, like safeties and the slide lock, can move smoothly in their intended directions.
  • The bore – Check for any signs of pitting, rust build up, or rifling. Even low price guns with these issues are likely more expensive than they’re worth.

Supporting your purchase with good gun value research

When you’re looking to make an investment in a firearm, having a trusted source is always a big advantage. Whether this is a reputable website that has taken care of your customer service needs perfectly, or a store with helpful staffers who answer your questions, these are valuable resources to have in your corner.

When you don’t have this kind of advantage, or you’re hoping to build on what you already possess, doing your own research is essential. The more information you’re able to put together regarding the gun you want, the more likely you’ll make a good purchase decision. This research can even include simple word-of-mouth exchanges with knowledgeable people, like other gun range visitors or even a friend who’s compiled a large gun collection.

Beyond that, it’s good practice to check the prices associated with your chosen firearm. There are online references you can use, from speaking to gun appraisal experts to visiting the Blue Book of Gun Values website. Having a point of reference can help you better understand if you’re being offered good value.

For more information on purchasing used or low price guns, or to learn more about Blue Book gun values in general, contact the Experts on JustAnswer today.

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