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Loose Teeth in Dogs

Dog chewing a treat Just like humans, dogs may begin to experience loose teeth and even at some point lose their teeth. Often, it is common for older dogs to have loose teeth, in the case a middle aged healthy dog is experience loose teeth, an individual may begin to wonder if there is an underlying cause for this.

What are loose teeth causes in dogs?

In some cases, a puppy may often have loose teeth simply because the puppy is losing their baby teeth and making room for their more adult teeth to come in. however, when an older dog is having loose teeth there are some causes to this. Some common causes of loose teeth in dogs may often include some sort of trauma to the dog’s mouth, gum loss, gum disease, periodontal disease or even a sign of illness. Loose teeth in dogs may become very troublesome not only for the dog but the owner as well. Often many questions regarding the causes, treatments, and symptoms may come up when a pet owner believes their dog may have a loose tooth. Read below where Experts have answered many commonly asked questions regarding loose teeth in dogs.

If a one year old dog has loose teeth could this be caused by constantly chewing on bones or another cause? Is this life threatening and should the individual attempt to pull the teeth out?

However, even though an individual has experienced their dog having loose teeth, the individual should refrain from pulling their teeth out by themselves. However, a vet may be more acceptable to pull the teeth out if needed. In the case these are adult teeth, the cause may often be because of some sort of injury or even infection, however infection may be unlikely considering the age of the dog. In some cases, chewing on bones a lot may often cause some sort of tooth injury, however, many dogs chew on bones all the time without experiencing any form of problems. Often, a dogs baby teeth that have not come out at a younger age, may begin to come out when the dog is older, so what this means is the loose teeth may be just baby teeth beginning to fall out. In most situations, loose teeth are not life threatening unless there is a lot of bleeding where the loose tooth is located. The individual may need to have the dog seen by a vet in order to determine the exact cause and treatment for the loose teeth.

What could be the cause of a dog having loose teeth and red inflamed gums?

In some cases, the most common reason for a dog to have loose teeth and red inflamed gums may often be the cause of periodontal disease which is known to be a bacterial infection that is located below the dogs gum line and makes the teeth become loose away from the bone. Also, another cause which may not be very common would be some sort of tumor or even a type of cancer within the bone or gums around the teeth. However, when a dog is experiencing loose teeth, and the owner is unsure of what may be causing this, the individual may need to have the dog seen by a vet. In the case the loose teeth are caused from periodontal disease, a vet may have the dog’s teeth cleaned professionally. In the cause the vet does not believe the cause is periodontal disease, the vet may then do a biopsy of the swollen gums and an x-ray of the jaw bone in order to find out the exact cause.

Is a common treatment for a 3.5 year old dog to have their teeth pulled when experiencing bad breath, loose teeth, no tartar and slightly inflamed gums?

However, for a dog to have bad breath, this may often be the cause of bacteria being built up in the dog’s mouth. In the case the gums are red and inflamed, and the teeth are starting to become loose, this may mean that the bacteria have gotten under the dog’s gum line. However, pulling a dog's teeth at 3.5 years old may not be the exact treatment. However, a vet may instead clean and polish the dog’s teeth in order to see if any bacteria can be removed. However, if the loose teeth are beyond repair, then a vet may pull the dog’s teeth.

If a four year old dog has loose teeth and an infection that gave the dog bad breath and was treated with antibiotics, but now if the roots of the teeth are not showing, does this mean the teeth need to be removed?

Dogs are not able to brush their own teeth, so they often relay on their owners to do it for them. In the case a dog has some sort of dental disease, the root re-absorption and loose teeth because of periodontal pocketing and infection, the most common treatment may be to remove the effected tooth.

Loose teeth in dogs may often be a scaring and complicated situation for some owners. Many pet owners may not completely understand the causes of loose teeth or what available treatments there are. In the case a dog is having multiple loose teeth, individuals may contact Experts regarding the available treatments, causes and how to prevent loose teeth.
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