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How to Care for a Lizard

Lizards are often considered to be a popular pet among many adults and children. Many have good vision and can see colors. They can detach their tails to escape a predator and re-grow their tail later on. When someone owns one, care and health can cause questions to arise. Read below where a few frequently asked questions answered by Experts.

How can a new owner make sure the lizard stays warm enough?

Buying a heating lamp to help keep the temperature can help with the health. The owner may want to make sure they buy a light that puts out UV (ultraviolet) and UVB (ultraviolet b) rays.

Why is it important to give a lizard calcium?

The owner may also need to make sure the lizard is taking a calcium supplement in order to make sure the bones in the body remain strong.

What should one put in a tank for a lizard?

Reptile carpet generally is needed in the bottom as well as two different types of lights. One light for basking and one that helps the lizard obtain the much needed UVB rays. Lizards may also need to have a side that is warm and a side that is cool. In some cases, ceramic tiles can be used on the bottom of the tank instead of the carpet.

What are five-lined skinks and how can they be gotten rid of?

A five-lined skink is a type of lizard that lives in the wild and hides in crevasses and eats bugs. These are common; however, if it becomes bothersome, it can be trapped with bait or sticky paper and disposed of.

What are geckos and how are they fed and watered?

Geckos are a type of lizard that has sticky pads on the bottom of their teeth. These pads generally help it crawl up the wall and cling to branches. They eat crickets as well as meal worms as they are insectivores. The water comes from misting the flower in the tank.

When a lizard has a lump at the base of its tail, what should the owner do and what can it be caused from?

When a lizard has a lump at the base of its tail, this can often come from the lizard having an issue with the bones in its body. The owner may need to make sure it has fake sunlight along with calcium supplements to help make sure the bones grow strong. Make sure the lizard has a branch that they can get to the source of the light and heat. 

Lizards are a type of scaly reptile that many people keep as pets. Many of these lizards can be found in the wild, while others are kept as common household pets. When there is an issue, questions regarding the care and treatment can arise. When these questions or others arise, individuals can contact Experts for reliable answers.

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