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Liver Biopsy Process related Questions

Liver biopsy a medical term used to describe the technique of removing a sample of tissue from the liver. This medical test helps doctors look for liver disease and follow treatment progress. When dealing with Hepatitis A, a liver biopsy may be required to determine the actual cause of the hepatitis. There are many reasons for liver biopsies as well as risks. To learn more about liver biopsy, take a look below at the questions that have been answered by Experts.

How does someone have a bile leak and bacteria in the blood stream from a liver biopsy?

When performing a liver biopsy the skin and the needle are both sterilized prior to the procedure. Due to sterilization it would be very difficult to encounter bacteria while taking a liver biopsy. As for bile leaking during a liver biopsy, this may occur some times. Bile leakage generally occurs due to the liver biopsy being taken under unseen circumstances. When drawing a liver biopsy, the doctor places a needle is placed through the skin, into the liver in order to gain a tissue sample. On occasion the needle may pierce the bile duct. In some cases a blood vessel may be pierced which may cause a life threatening situation. As for the bile duct, in most cases the bile duct will resolve on its own. If the bile duct doesn't seal on its own an emergency surgery may be scheduled to make repairs.

What causes burning pain in the stomach after having a liver biopsy?

There are times when the needle used for a liver biopsy may pierce a bile duct or a blood vessel which may cause bleeding or a bile leak. The Doctor is unable to tell where the needle stops or where the needle is when taking the liver biopsy. The result often ends with a blood vessel or bile duct being poked causing a leak. In the even the pain resolves on its own, more than likely the leak has resolved on its own and surgery may not be required. Pain, weakness and a change of blood pressure or pulse rate are typical signs that the leak hasn't repaired itself. If a person exhibits such symptoms, a visit to the ER may be required for immediate medical attention.

Is there a way to do a liver biopsy when there is a 13cm mass in the liver?

Generally when taking a liver biopsy the needle is inserted at an angle. With a large mass of 13 cc, imaging such as an MRI may be used to assist the doctor in the liver biopsy. In order to perform the liver biopsy under imaging techniques, an interventional radiologist may perform the procedure. Of course without the capability of performing the liver biopsy under MF guided techniques, another option may be chosen.

An interventional radiologist is the only one specialized enough to read the imagery to determine the safest route through the dome of the liver with a needle.

What does moderate steatosis with minimal necroinflammatory changes mean on a liver biopsy?

Basically the report is stating that there was a minimal amount of fat found in or on the liver. Typically overweight people may have such a reading. However due to the early findings, a small injury to the liver may be resolved through proper dietary observation. Of course walking or other form of exercise may be required. Usually fatty foods may be restricted from a person's diet while trying to repair the liver. Alcohol is always avoided while trying to treat a liver issue. Six months following treatment a routine ultrasound may be performed as well as a liver function test. This is typically done to ensure proper healing has begun.

What treatment can result in a liver biopsy for high liver enzymes?

Generally there are other tests that may be implemented before resorting to a liver biopsy. When dealing with elevated enzymes a liver biopsy may not be required for every case. Generally the only time a live biopsy is considered is if there is no explanation for elevated enzymes. If this is the case, a liver biopsy is performed in an attempt to assist in a proper diagnosis.

Liver problems are common in the medical field. Many people have had liver biopsies for one reason or another. The thought of having a needle stuck into the liver may make some people very uncomfortable. Many medical and personal questions arise when dealing with liver biopsies. If a person has a question or concern regarding a liver biopsy, the person should ask an Expert for medical insight and suggestions for proper treatment.
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