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LimDu (Limited Duty) Status

What is LIMDU, or Limited Duty Officer?

A Limited duty officer is also known as a LIMDU. A limited duty officer is an officer in the Military that is picked out because of specially qualified specific technical knowledge for leadership per their expertise. Limited Duty Officers position is commission and restriction based as where other officers are based on authority. Limited Duty officers are restricted on what rank they can move up to within the Military. Many times rank in the Military can cause questions to arise. Not knowing the Navy limited duty instructions or how the Navy limited Duty Officer Program works can often times cause these questions. Read below where some of the top Limited Duty questions have been answered by the Experts.

If someone was placed on limited duty for 6 months due to medical reasons, is there a way to request a separation and be discharged from the Military?

There isn't a legal right to request a separation, however, many times going to the command and asking to be discharged can often be rewarding. One other option this individual may have would be to have a medical review board review the medical files from the attending physician to determine the need for discharge or separation.

If someone in the Military never received a board because their doctor failed to place them on limited duty, is there legal recourse that can be taken or a lawyer in the Sand Diego area that can help?

In most situations, no there really is no legal recourse that could be taken. However, a person in this situation could apply to the Board of Corrections for Naval Records and ask them to put them back into the service. If this individual can show that the doctor was negligent then this individual may be able to have the Board put them back in the Military service.

If someone is on a medical Navy Limited Duty, how long will it take to find out the percentage of disability?

It could take at least three to four months, and for this time period is not uncommon at all. Normally this will depend on how fast the package "moves along the pipeline" from the local command all the way up to the decision making authority (typically the first 3 star in your chain of command) granted if the disability actually found a percentage of disability.

LimDu (limited duty) can be a very diverse topic that can have a domino effect when it comes to questions, often one leads into another. These types of questions that arise can vary from how long is limited duty status, what is navy limdu, and limited duty. When dealing with these situations, and these questions come up the Experts can help with the answers in a fast and effective way.
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