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Life Sentence Related Questions

What is a life sentence?

A life sentence is a term of imprisonment in which the convicted person spends the remainder of their life in jail. Crimes in which an individual could receive a life sentence include: murder, severe child abuse, rape, violent cases of drug dealing or human trafficking, aggravated armed robbery or burglary.

How long is a life sentence in Florida or Minnesota?

Different states have different interpretations of the term a convicted person will serve for life sentence. Some state’s laws hold this as the remainder of the convicted person’s life. Other state’s laws place a year amount on the term of imprisonment.

According to Florida law any person receiving a life sentence for crimes committed on or after October 1, 1985 will serve a life sentence. In Florida life means for the remainder of the convicted individual’s life.

According to New Jersey law any person receiving a life sentence for crimes committed will serve a life sentence of seventy-five years exclusively for determining the minimum term for parole ineligibility.

According to Minnesota law any person receiving a life sentence for crimes committed will serve a life sentence equal to thirty years under statute section 609.185.3 before being able to request parole.

Although some state prisons may release a convicted individual serving a life sentence early or provide possibility of parole, the federal system will not. If an individual is serving a life sentence in a federal system then that individual will serve the remainder of their life imprisoned.

Can an inmate serving a life sentence get the sentenced commuted after being a model inmate for seventeen years?

A commutation is the act of reducing a criminal sentence. On a life sentence through the state the commutation will need to come from the governor of the state where the individual was convicted. This commutation will need to first go through the parole board. The parole board would review the request and if deemed worth they would make a request to the governor. If the criminal life sentence is through the federal system the commutation would need to come from the president.

Can a felony case with a life sentence be appealed?

Any case including those that hold a life sentence can be appealed. Cases can be appealed based on the merits of the case, on new evidence or too stiff of a sentence. An individual can file an appeal on their own behalf. This would mean they are representing themselves, but hiring an attorney will give the individual the best chances for success.

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