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LGBT Parenting Questions

There are thousands of children that are a result of LGBT parenting. Many of the children being raised in a same sex household were conceived during heterosexual marriages or by single parents in committed relationships. Often LGBT parenting can occur through adoption, alternative or artificial insemination, surrogate or foster parenting. LGBT parenting can be hard to explain to children and other parents, and can lead to many questions for everyone involved. Below are the most common LGBT parenting questions that have been answered by Parenting Experts on JustAnswer.

How does a teenage son tell their father that they are gay?

There is no easy answer to this question. However many parenting counselors suggest that honesty is always the best policy. Find a time when things are quiet and approach the subject with the open mind. Try not to take the first reaction from the parents to heart, simply because the reaction may be from shock. There is no right or wrong way to tell a parent that you are gay, however keep in mind their feelings as well.

If you find that a friend’s social media profile states they are gay, should someone ask them to confirm?

Many times if someone posts that they are gay on a social networking site, the chances are they want someone to see it, so that they can finally discuss it. However, it could also be a hoax, a prank or a game from someone that could have hacked their account trying to play a practical joke. If you want to confirm their sexual orientation, the best course of action could be to ask them directly one on one in a non-accusing manner. Many Parenting Experts on JustAnswer have suggested when dealing with other LGBT parenting issues, non-evasive questions are often the best way to handle these tough situations.

What can a parent do to prepare their child that their friend is a product of LGBT parenting?

Each situation is different, and the decision must be made on a case to case basis. However, the one thing that should be kept in mind is the well-being of the child. Is it fair to alienate your child from another child of similar age simply because the parents have a lifestyle that you do not approve or adhere to? You have the right to raise your child in an environment consistent with your values, which is reasonable to expect.

Here are a couple things you should keep in mind if you are faced with explaining a LGBT parenting lifestyle to a small child. If you show a fear, it could trigger curiosity, and may not have the effect you want. However if you show acceptance, then too it can have the wrong effect. Sometimes the less information that is given to the child is often the best course to follow until the child is old enough to understand and form an independent opinion.

How can a parent stop their child from using gay slang or gay racist remarks?

One recommended course of action is to call a family meeting and discuss the use of the word gay. If your child is using the word in a negative or derogatory manner, explain to the child that while it might seem like a ‘cool’ thing to say and it might be difficult for him/her to stop saying it, other people that may be around him/her could take offense. Suggest some alternate words to say and use in place of the terminology that is being used at the present time. Parenting Experts on JustAnswer have advised to use appropriate punishment such as grounding if the situation does not improve.

Is there a LGBT parenting law that states a child cannot live with a gay parent?

There are no laws prohibiting a child from living or staying with a parent that is lesbian, gay, bi-sexual or transgender. A small number of states currently have laws supportive of LGBT couple adoption.

If you’re facing tough questions regarding LGBT parenting or any other parenting situation, the Parenting Experts on JustAnswer can help answer your questions.
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