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Questions about Lercanidipine

What is lercanidipine?

Lercanidipine may be part of a class of medication referred to as calcium channel blockers of the dihydropyidine class. These medications may often work by relaxing and opening the blood vessels which may allow the blood to move more freely throughout the body. Lercanidipine may also be sold in pharmacies under the name Zanidip. Lercanidipine may often help to lower blood pressure and therefore may allow the heart to work more efficiently. Lercanidipine may often cause many questions regarding the side effects, complications and even uses. Read below where Experts have answered many commonly asked questions regarding lercanidipine.

Would the combination of bendroflumethiazide (2.5milligram) tablets and lercanidipine cause a person to feel unwell?

Bendroflumethiazide may fall under the medication class of thiazide diuretic and lercanidipine may be considered a calcium channel blocker. The bendroflumethiazide may change the electrolytes in the body and may make some people feel unwell. An exam by a medical practitioner may be needed to have the serum electrolytes checked.

Is it normal to take Lercanidipine and Atenolol together?

Since the lercaindipine and atenolol belong to separate medication classes there may be some situations where they may be used together. However, there may be a profound fall in blood pressure or heart blocks. Therefore, a medical professional may need to monitor the use of lercanidipine and stenolol together.

Can lercanidipine be used during pregnancy?

There may be some cases where it may be a possible risk to a fetus due to lercanidipine falling into category C drug. A medical professional may change the lercanidipine to another antihypertensive during pregnancy. Interference in male sperm motility may be linked to calcium channel blockers and may cause infertility. Infertility may also be caused in women by calcium channel blockers. Therefore, further testing may be needed to check for infertility after taking lercanidipine.

What is the difference between dihydropyridine and non-dihydropyridine?

The calcium channel blockers dihydropyridine and non-dihydropyridine may be chemically different. Medications that end in “ipine” may be considered dihydropyridine such as amlodipine, felodipine, isradipine, lercanidipine, nircardipine, nimodipine and nisoldipine. These medications may relax the blood vessels versus relaxing the muscles. Therefore these medications may not be used to help control arrhythmias. Dihydropyridine calcium channel blockers may be used with beta blockers to help lower blood pressure when a beta blocker may not be enough to lower the high blood pressure. They may be used to help prevent angina as there may be no negative effect on heart failure. In turn the non-dihydropyridine calcium channel blockers may work on the heart muscle and may help to reduce how hard the heart works. Medications such as diltiazem or verapamil may help to reduce the heart rate and the strength of the contractions.

Anytime a new medication is needed or a present medication such as lercanidipine is used or changed there may be questions and concerns about the uses, side effects or possibly even which type of Expert is needed for advice. If you have these or similar questions you can and should ask an Expert.
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