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LED Light Problems

LED (light-emitting diodes) lamps or bulbs are named this, because they use light-emitting diodes as their light source. These have a longer life and work much more efficiently than fluorescent and incandescent lamps or bulbs but the initial costs of these are higher. Here are some of the frequently asked questions answered by Experts regarding LED light problems.

We have Sylvania 100 light LED Christmas strings where only the first half or the second half works but never simultaneously. How can we fix the problem?

The strings should have a little resistor which controls the current to that half and the problem must lie with the resistor on the non-working half. Test the resistor with an ohm meter and replace it if it has a problem.

I own a 24V DC LED light which I ordered from China. Could you tell me which of the colored wires is for +24V DC, common and ground?

The brown wire is for the +24V DC, the blue is common and yellow with the green stripes is the grounding wire.

An LED bulb I was using in an outdoor light fixture burned and got disengaged from the metal screw part , how can you be sure the fixture is ok and not faulty?

Use a voltmeter, and set it to AC volts. Place one probe on the center tab of the socket, and the other probe on the female threads of the socket with the switch in the “on” position while taking care that the probes do not touch each other at the socket. If the reading on the voltmeter you may need to replace the bulb and if a new one works normally.

Is it allowed by the National Electric Code 2008, to have 12 volt LED light strips on a jewelry showcase?

Any LED lights fewer than 24 volts are allowed as long as the strips have a UL label, are plug connected and are used as intended and are not liable for inspection by the authorities.

Can someone use a 3-Light LED Task and Accent Lighting Kit, with a dimmer for a kitchen cabinet?

In most cases these types of LED lights are fairly suitable and though you may not get as much light as a normal incandescent light, they should provide 50% to 100% better light than fluorescents.

The 40 watt LED lights on my Edgemont 52" ceiling fan which is hooked up to a 120v power socket are not bright enough. How can I get better lighting?

For the ceiling fan fixture you have, try compact fluorescents or regular incandescent bulbs which should work better.

Since LED lights are available in a variety of sizes, you need to be careful while purchasing replacement bulbs. Some of the problems with LED lights may seem confusing to the lay person but may be simple to solve and may not need calling in an electrician which could prove expensive. In such a scenario, it is always better to ask an Expert.
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