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LED TV Problems

A flat panel video display that uses light emitting diodes is a LED display. Normally these LED displays are used on billboards, televisions, public transports, vehicles and so on. A television set that uses this display is called an LED TV. However, every LED TV can have its own set of problems. Below are frequent asked questions on issues relating to LED TV problems that have been answered by the Experts.

My six months old Coby LED TV 1926 model does not turn on. I have changed the remote batteries. The blue light goes brighter for two seconds and then dims. However, the screen remains black. I have already tried pressing and holding the TV power button for ten seconds after disconnecting the TV from the AC power. I tried to plug the set back in to press the power again after a minute. But the effect remained the same. What should I do now?

Most likely there could be a failure on the power supply board inside your TV set. In a case like this, the capacitors on this board, would usually fail after they have received a surge. However, by removing the rear of the TV set, you could sometimes visually verify such surges by checking out for leaking fluid or bulges at the top or base of the caps. These failures are very common for LED TV sets. The AC cord is plugged into the power board inside the TV, where the capacitors are present. In this case, you could replace the capacitors by a technician for not more than two hundred dollars for the TV parts and labor. It is, however, unlikely there would be any reset button or series of buttons that you could use to get your TV start working again. You may want to visit to find a technician in your area if you do not have an experience in soldering on electronic equipment or testing live voltages.

What would likely be the problem if there are thin intermittent horizontal lines on the screen of my brand new Samsung LED TV? The horizontal lines are behind the menu and not on DVD screen. Moreover, my set is directly connected to cable TV and I do not have HD cable yet. My old TV set did not have this problem.

In this case, it is most likely that there could be a weak signal on the cable line that is causing this issue. However, you did not face this problem with your old TV as that would probably have been a smaller TV that was designed to process an analog signal. If you could bring that same weak analog signal on a larger TV and on other TV’s that are designed to process digital signal, you may come across different TV problems you would not have seen earlier. It is not your TV that is the problem. Your TV would function exactly how you want it to work, once you get the HD cable box installed on your TV. It would work without an issue.

My thirty two inch Samsung LED TV, with model number LN-R238WA, shows red flashes on the screen all the time but the TV does not turn on. I had unplugged it for some time. But the red light is still there. The set was manufactured in 2005. There is no clicking sound from the TV when it’s turned on. I do not want to spend much on it. What should I do?

From what you have described regarding the model history and the symptoms of the TV, you may not have to spend any money at all on your set. More precisely, this model is known to have defective capacitors on the power supply board that could cause such issues. When the capacitors degrade, other onboard components may, usually, start degrading following that. You could, therefore, call Samsung at 1-800-SAMSUNG as they might fix your set for free, even if you are not under the warranty period. However, you do need to mention about the flashing of red light. It is quite possible that your TV set may have a bad main board inside. However, the chances of it happening are very rare and would still be covered under normal conditions.

An LED is a flat display panel used both on outdoor and indoor screens. However, almost every LED TV in the market has its own share of problems, which could be related to poor image quality, lack of signal, appearance of dots on screen and so on. If you need clarification about your specific situation with respect to problems related to any LED TV set, you may ask a TV technician expert to evaluate your case details and provide a technical insight.
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