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Leaky Gut Syndrome

What is leaky gut syndrome?

Leaky gut syndrome may be a name given to describe intestinal or bowel hyper permeability. Tight junctions may represent the major block within the pathway between intestinal epithelial cells that line the digestive tract. In the case the tight joints are disrupted, this may lead to leaky gut syndrome. A few researchers may have proposed that there may be a connection between acute and chronic diseases. Leaky gut syndrome may also be known as a condition of an altered or even damaged bowel lining. The leaky gut may allow toxins, microbes, undigested food, and waste to leak through an unusually permeable intestinal wall. Leaky gut syndrome may often cause many individuals questions regarding the symptoms, possible cure and even effective treatments. Read below for questions about leaky gut syndrome that has been answered by Experts.

What can be done for positive fungal tests with leaky gut syndrome?

A medical practitioner may often prescribe a long term anti-fungal mediation such as nystatin, fluconazole, or itraconazole. However, a daily diet with some anti-fungal foods and avoiding sugar and refined carbohydrates may be helpful in some situations. Also, some anti-fungal foods may include barberry, oregano, garlic, probiotics, and even cellulose.

What are some leaky gut syndrome treatments?

Some of the leaky gut syndrome treatments that may be helpful include:

• Eat yogurt a few times a day, acidophilus supplements. Slowly eating small meals may help to promote digestion,
• Eliminating fast food, junk food, caffeine, and alcohol from the diet may be helpful,
• Aloe Vera juice may help digestion,
• Using olive oil or canola oil to cook with and also taking a fish oil capsule daily may be helpful,
• Increasing the amount of fiber take in daily such as with vegetables, fruits, whole grains, split peas, lentils and other legumes may be a source of fiber,
• Increasing the amount of the amino acid glutamine may help to increase the health of the intestinal cells and;
• Avoiding stress may also be helpful

These ways may help cure the leaky gut syndrome.

Will leaky gut syndrome cause a fecal smelling body odor?

With leaky gut syndrome the colon may allow fecal matter to leak into the bloodstream which may in return cause a fecal odor to the breath or skin. The body may only be able to excrete toxins such as through dead skin, urine, stool and possibly breathing. If the colon allows the toxic matter to leak into the blood then the other sites may have the fecal odor.

What are some supplements that will help leaky gut syndrome?

Some supplements that may help relieve the symptoms of leaky gut syndrome may include probiotics, fiber, glutamine; barley grass, slippery elm, peppermint tea, licorice root, blue green algae, as well as a general multi-vitamin may be helpful. There may be some controversy surrounding the diagnosis of leaky gut syndrome and possibly no study of any treatment that may work. However, an exam by a Gastroenterologist may be needed for the proper treatment and diet.

Leaking gut syndrome may often cause some discomfort, pain and may even cause a person to have many questions about the treatments, causes and even which type of Expert to turn to for advice. For individuals who have these or similar questions, individuals may contact an Expert.
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