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Plumbing Leaks Related Questions

Plumbing leaks in water lines are common in homes/ businesses and can, sometimes, cause a lot of damage to the property if not treated properly. Very often, it is possible to patch a leaking union or pipe end using epoxy to lessen the impact of the problem. But if it is a more serious issue such as a hole in the pipe, you need to attend to it immediately so that it stops leaking and water pressure is restored to normal. With the right tools, materials and basic knowledge on how plumbing works, you can avoid unnecessary calls to a plumber and attend to the plumbing leaks yourself. However you may encounter questions along the way if you do not have total knowledge on how to perform plumbing leak repairs.

Listed below are a few questions answered by the Experts on issues related to plumbing and how to repair plumbing leaks.

I have a plumbing leak at the elbow that connects two pipes inside a wall in a cedar lined closet. How do I fix it?

The first thing you would have to do is to get a torch and heat the elbow fitting to remove it from the pipes. Then get a wire brush to clean the inside of the elbow. You could also replace it with a new one instead. After this is done, use an emery cloth to clean the pipe ends. And then put everything back together after applying flux to the pipe ends and the elbow insides. Finally, heat the elbow with the torch and solder the connections well. Use a wet cloth to wipe it and let it cool down. Alternatively, you could choose Sharkbite (push lock) fittings that work well without soldering.

When I had a plumber fix my leaking sink, he ended up replacing all the black pipes stating that they were cracked and sealed improperly using poor quality caulking. Now I have a drainage problem with the left side of the sink and there is overflow. What should I do?

When the plumber first did the job, ideally, he should have examined both sides of the sink. This would constitute good practice. From what you say, it looks like there is a new problem with your piping. In this case, it would be better to speak with the owner of the service company and request for the plumber to come over and examine the problem again. If it is unrelated to the work he carried out earlier, you may have to pay him extra to fix the new problem. However, if it has come about as a result of what he did earlier, explain this to him and do not be forced to pay anything extra.

My sewage line in the basement has sprung a plumbing leak. After we fixed it, we found the sewage overflowing. How do we know that the plumbing is actually fixed properly?

To check for leaks, flush the toilets a few times. As long as you don’t find the repair leaking, your plumbing should be fixed alright. If you find any raw sewage, use bleach and water solution to get rid of it properly.

I have a leak in the wall under my toilet upstairs and it is accompanied by a musty smell. What should I do?

It’s possible that the wax ring which acts as the seal between the toilet and the plumbing is where the leak is coming from. If this is the case, you would need to reset the toilet to repair it. However, if it is a more serious problem that doesn’t go away after replacing the wax ring, you might have to open the ceiling downstairs and find the source of the problem.

While you may have come across a few of the plumbing problems stated above, there may be others that are specific to your case. Also, if you find that you are running up high water bills, very often the cause of them could be a serious plumbing leak. Using a systematic method of switching your water supply on and off you can help you isolate the problem as a first step. If you have more questions on plumbing leaks, consult with an Expert who can help you find solutions that are both quick and cost-effective.
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