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Questions about Lead Poisoning

What is lead poisoning?

Lead poisoning may often occur when lead becomes built up within an individual’s body over a time period of months or even years. However, some individuals believe that they may need to be exposed to a high amount of lead, however this may not be the case; some individuals may develop lead poisoning after a small amount of lead and may even cause many serious health conditions. For children who are under the age of six are at a higher risk of developing lead poisoning, and this may often attack the child’s mental and even physical developments. When an adult or child has been exposed to lead, this may lead to cases of fatality. For more information about the cases, side effects and treatments of lead poisoning read below to find Expert answers.

What are the lead poisoning symptoms?

When an individual has been exposed to lead and have developed lead poisoning the symptoms may be difficult to indicate, some individuals may appear healthy and still have high blood levels of lead. The signs and symptoms of lead poisoning may not seem to be dangerous until they have been accumulated. Some symptoms of lead poisoning may include:
• Irritability
• Loss of appetite; weight loss
• Pain within the stomach
• Vomiting
• Constipation
• Troubles learning
• Stunted growth
• High blood pressure
• Pain, numbness
• Weak muscles
• Headaches
• Loss of memory
• Mood issues
• Lower sperm count
• Miscarriage or premature birth

Can someone develop lead poisoning from consuming fish?

In some cases it may be possible to develop lead poisoning from consuming fish, however this condition may be very rare. In some cases lead poisoning from fish may only be known to occur when the fish was poisoned with lead and then the individual consumed it, however this is also possible but very rare. However, lead poisoning may often occur when an individual has ingests leaded pain, ceramics, or even foreign objects such as bullets.

What is an effective lead poisoning treatment for a 22 month old child with a lead level of 19?

The American Academy of Pediatrics have recommended that levels that are under 45 may not need to be treated. However, instead of a treatment, some parents may just need to watch their child as well as having the blood levels rechecked every month and keeping the child away from any more exposure to lead. However, some parents may need to be more informed about lead poisoning. With a lead level of 19 this may indicate that the child is more than likely to be asymptomatic. In some cases a pediatrician may want to have some x-rays done in order to make sure the bones are developing okay, and there are no complications. In the case the lead level was 45 or higher, then the treatment would be needed.

If someone has been exposed to lead paint dust how long would it take for the lead to get into the blood and is there a certain time when the individual should be tested?

In some adults ranging from 30-45% that has inhaled lead dust is put into the lungs and around 95% of the lead dust goes into the bloodstream. However the main body sections that accumulate lead are the blood, soft tissues and even the bones. Furthermore, lead levels within a person’s blood may be too low in order to screen again. However the correct levels from the test may be second guessed and then redone again in another lab.

Lead poisoning may be a very scary and confusing condition for many individuals who are not well aware of the condition, treatments, side effects, long term effects and many more. For individuals who need more information regarding this condition, they may turn to the Experts for reliable answers.
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