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What is a LCD TV?

LCD means Liquid Crystal Display and has become a popular technology in TV sets today. Basically, how it works is liquid crystal is placed between two sheets of clear material and is back lit to display an image. This is not the same as a plasma screen TV that works by lighting up small plasma cells filled with neon-xenon gas. Although LCD TVs are known for their sharp and clear displays, like every electrical gadget, they too can occasionally run into problems.  Some of which could be fixed by the owner with help from appliance Experts.

Listed below are a few questions answered by the Experts on LCD TVs.

How to troubleshoot a LCD Westinghouse TV that is not powering up when the input power supply is fine?

Using a Multimeter, the individual will need to read the voltage of the incoming power while the state button is pressed. The point to check is at a pin on the power board connector. Expect a reading of between 3Volts and 5Volts when the power button is pressed. This input voltage should activate all the other switches. It looks like there is a defect in the main board because of which it is not powering up on command. The part to look for on this set is: 55.70F01.E01G; however replacements are hard to come by. If the power is coming from the source but the power board is not delivering any output voltage the power board might have to be replaced. The part number is: 56.0473.011.

Could a cracked LCD TV screen be repaired?

If the crack has gone through the protective screen and reached the actual LCD panel, no repair is possible and it will have to be replaced. A replacement is more likely cheaper and a practical alternative.

What could cause vertical colored lines across a Samsung screen?

Case Details: The T-con board and the main board have been replaced.

If replacing both the boards has not fixed the problem, then the fault lies with the actual LCD panel. You could replace it but it is very expensive to do so. A more economical option would be to replace the TV with a new one.

How to fix a red flashing light next to the power on a Samsung?

Case Details: The cable has been checked and the TV rebooted and unplugged a while.

This is a common problem. Very often, what happens is that either the power supply fails or a few caps in the power supply fail. To fix this, you would need to replace a few components.

How do I get rid of pink dots on my Samsung LCD TV screen?

Case details: They initially reduce in number when I switch the TV off and then on again but come back later. 

It is possible that you have a problem with your power supply capacitors. You could attempt to fix this on your own. First take off the back of the TV by unscrewing the nuts that hold it together. Examine the central power board and find the puffy capacitors which don’t have flat tops. You could either choose to replace the whole board or just the replace the capacitors. 

42 inch Philips LCD is not turning on, the power light just blinks rapidly with an audible rapid chirping sound. What can I do?

Case details: 2-year-old unit, noise emanates from the back of PC 

From what you have described, it seems like an internal failure and all you can do at this stage is unplug the TV and try turning it back on. However, there are a few reasons why this could have happened: 
1. There could be a power supply failure caused by a failed capacitor. This could cost around $175-$200 to fix. Replacing the power supply could cost around $350. 
2. It could also be that the main board has become faulty. This is far more expensive to fix and could cost around $400-$500. 
3. The fault could also lie with your panel. In this case, it may cost you around $800 without labor charges to fix and is probably more than a new set. Therefore, it would be more economical to buy a new TV if you are sure that you have a faulty panel. 

What could cause a 42” Philips TV set to stop working and makes clicking sounds when turned on?

A clicking sound can indicate that it is shorting internally because of which the set cannot power up. Chances are that the power board of the TV has failed. It is not uncommon for capacitors on the board to fail because of a power surge. Often, this is visibly evident when the capacitors bulge or leak through the top or base. 

You could troubleshoot these problems yourself with the right equipment and experience. However, if you are not comfortable doing it on your own it would be better to get a professional to diagnose the problem correctly and help you fix it. 

While these problems above may not solve your specific problem, you may have questions more relevant to your LCD TV. Whatever your problem, direct your questions to a TV Technician on JustAnswer to get a better understanding of how to tackle the issue in the quickest and most cost-effective way.

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